Fashion Quote: Chloe Sevigny on Hating Fashion Shows

chloe sevigny, fashion quote, celebrity, fashion shows, front rowSince I was giving Chloe Sevigny fashion love yesterday, thought I’d post this quote today. Finally! Someone speaks truth about the hassle of attending fashion shows. Last year, when I dreaded attending London Fashion Week, I had a lot of people respond that I shouldn’t go, how can I complain about fashion shows, etc… Those people are either very new to the industry, or not in the industry, because Chloe Sevigny is absolutely right when she says going to fashion shows is work. Some people may say it is more fun work than being an accountant and doing someone’s taxes, or being a nurse and changing someone’s diaper, but to be honest, I’d rather be at home in front of my computer than going to a big fashion show (haute couture MIGHT be an exception.) It is intimidating, exhausting (there are so many in a day) and a lot of work waiting in lines, rushing around, all for shows that usually last 15 minutes each. Plus, your feet hurt because you are wearing really high heels.

Here is what Chloe had to say about going to shows:

“I don’t enjoy going to fashion shows. It’s very high school, it’s very “the most popular kids in the front row,” and everybody’s checking everybody else out, and you have to do all this press and get your picture taken … It’s not fun for me — it’s work.”

We need more people like her dispelling the “glamour” most people falsely associate with the fashion industry. If that happened, maybe we’d have less wannabees trying to penetrate the industry (tacky celebrities, terrible bloggers, and everyone else who is “dying” to work in fashion) and maybe fashion would regain the credibility it once had. Here’s hoping.

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  • Jasper

    well it’s not like she really has any detrimental obligations to attend fashion shows anyway..

  • anya

    The irony here is that people that have to go to her show also feel the same way.