5 Looks I Hope Never Make it into Fall Winter 2012

There’s nothing worse than being smack in the middle of summer, and starting to plan one’s fall wardrobe. So I am not doing that, but I can certainly point out the pieces I hope we never see on the streets come winter. These five trends (dare I call them trends? I hope they don’t become trends) are best kept in the fashion archives that we look back on and laugh at. Or, we use the pieces for dress up parties.

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1. Big furry hats. This was probably the most terrifying item on the Fall Winter 2012 catwalks, and the most suitable for putting in a dress up box. Dr. Seuss has no place on the high fashion catwalks. Left, Marc Jacobs, right, Michael Kors.

bad fashion, fall winter 2012, fashion trends, fashion lists, mulberry, proenza schouler

2. Baggy leather trousers. Leather is best worn fitted or structured. Wide leg, pleated leather trousers are the work of the devil, and will most likely look terrible on anyone who tries to sport this. Even the models look bad, and that is never a good sign. Left, Mulberry, right, Proenza Schouler.

bad fashion, fall winter 2012, fashion trends, fashion lists,

3. Gross crafty sweaters. Speaking of models looking bad… This crafty winter sweater is the non-festive version of the Christmas sweater, and not in a I’m-being-tacky-but-that-makes-me-cool kind of way. This is more of a knitting-project-gone-wrong-sweater-that-makes-me-look-fat. Left, Chloe, right, Fendi.

bad fashion, fall winter 2012, fashion trends, fashion lists, miu miu, prada

4. Printed suits. Unless you are a mod, these suits will look stupid on you. (And to be honest, most mods looks stupid in printed suits.) Left, Miu Miu, right, Prada.

bad fashion, fall winter 2012, fashion trends, fashion lists, givenchy, jw anderson

5. Head to toe leather. Leather was in abundance on the fall winter catwalks, but not in a good way. Head to toe leather can look good if you are about to get onto a motorcycle or if you are in the band Judas Priest. But these runway looks are totally unflattering and actually look quite stupid. For once I would like to say spare the cows. No animal should die for this. Left, Givenchy, right JW Anderson.

All images from Vogue.com.

  • Roshh Ko

    I think the whole Marc Jacobs’s show needs to go directly to the archives honestly.

    Otherwise, I hate the baggy leather trousers the most. 

  • http://twitter.com/Ines_Cruz Inés Cruz

    I couldn’t agree more… I still don’t get those hats. Honestly… besides Anna dello Russo who on Easth could actually embarass themselves wearing it?


  • Brett2029

    I’m still wondering what’s happened to Marc Jacobs? The collections hes been putting out are boring and ugly. I think he lost his taste somewhere in fall of 2009. Yikes. 

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Yes, the Marc Jacobs collection was an utter fiasco, and so are most of his recent collections. Good for editorial, nothing else.

  • http://wendybrandes.com/blog/ WendyB

    I love the big furry hats! I want one! I’ll pass on everything else though :-)

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Would you be willing to pay hundreds (possibly thousands) for one? I doubt they’ll be cheap.

  • http://wendybrandes.com/blog/ WendyB

    Hundreds yes, thousands no!

  • krys

    LOL I won a hat like that once… from a theme park. In the 7th grade.