Ask Alexandra: Fashion Reality TV Shows

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fashion reality tv shows, fashion star, project runway, fashion advice

Contestants on Fashion Star. It's unlikely any of them will become famous.

Hi Alexandra,

I have been a long time reader and well, I notice that you haven’t talk about fashion reality shows on tv.

My question is how do you feel about fashion reality shows like Project Runway and Fashion Stars. Do you think they convey a realistic view in fashion design or do you feel like it’s more of a fluff thing where it’s completely base on getting ratings and such.

fashion reality tv shows, fashion star, project runway, fashion advice

America's Next Top Model. Girls cat fighting over modeling contracts makes for good television.

Dear Theia,

The reason why I don’t talk about about fashion reality TV shows is because I don’t watch them. I’m a busy person, and have to limit the amount of fashion media I follow, if not, I could be reading blogs, magazines, and watching shows and videos 24 hours a day. Dedicating an hour of my time (usually in the evening) to watching a show where models or designers compete to win a competition that won’t actually make them famous is out of the question. I’d rather be watching Seinfeld.

However, from what I’ve seen, these shows are an embarrassment to the industry. Television shows’ number one priority are to make good TV, not to help designer or models, or to launch careers. So when producers put together shows, they want the maximum drama, action, etc… This usually means the people involved, the activities portrayed, and the results are all doctored to create the maximum viewing pleasure. Even the name “Fashion Star” is misleading, because most of the real stars of the industry are not “stars” in that sense. They are behind the scenes working, not accepting fashion advice from celebrities like Nicole Ritchie and Jessica Simpson.

fashion reality tv shows, fashion star, project runway, fashion advice

Project Runway judges. Isn't Michael Kors the only one who is qualified?

The shows certainly do not  portray reality. As a result, I am not a fan. I don’t think they do any good for the industry, and I don’t waste my time watching them. However, from an entertainment angle, if that’s what you like to watch, go ahead and watch it. But just don’t think that Bryanboy is in any way suited to judge a model competition, or that winning Project Runway will guarantee you any long-lasting success.

  • Roshh Ko

    Actually, winning Project Runway does no good to you. There’s no winner that has become crazy famous designer. Yes, they have thier niches, but nothing more really. I watch Project Runway only for the drama if to be honest, because there’s hardly any talent in any of the designers. I’ve watched the first episode of the Fashion star and, for me, it was embarrassing to watch it..

  • LC

    Not true. Christian Siriano has done pretty well. His work is awesome.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Good point, but he is probably the only one…