Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall Winter 2012

I was pleased when Raf Simons was named as creative director at Dior, not because I thought he was THE man for the job, but because he was a far, far better choice than the other names floating around: Hedi Slimane, Christopher Kane, Marc Jacobs, and Alexander Wang. Those were all terrifying choices.

This first collection wasn’t absolutely fabulous, but it did the job very well. Simons maintained the Dior traditions but added his own hand, which gave the collection a simple, edited feel. (Although not edited in size, he showed a whopping 49 looks which is impressive since he came in so late.) Personally, I think it is a much safer way to go. Rather than doing something AMAZING that everyone goes nuts over (which can result in expectations that are hard to live up to), Raf, is just doing his thing, but doing it especially for Dior. Simply put, Raf has arrived. Let’s welcome him with open arms.

I love…

paris, haute couture, runway shows, catwalk, dior, raf simons

a perfectly simple Raf-ish suit with a touch of bar jacket.

paris, haute couture, runway shows, catwalk, dior, raf simons

playing on the feminine Dior silhouette, but discreetly.

paris, haute couture, runway shows, catwalk, dior, raf simons

the weird cup shapes throughout this collection. Very couture and very interesting.

I loathe…

paris, haute couture, runway shows, catwalk, dior, raf simons

bustiers worn with pants. Especially this bustier.

paris, haute couture, runway shows, catwalk, dior, raf simons

that this dress would be incredibly elegant and striking if it weren’t for the two nipples staring at us. Hide them, Raf!

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  • Brett2029

    I think this collection was ok. It takes time to get acclimated to your interpretation of Dior. I can only imagine what Galliaono thought when he saw these minimalist jewels walk down the runway. Galliano’s Dior was fashion crack! It was way too over the top for my taste. 

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    When you look at this, yes, Galliano’s stuff does look over the top. But it was great at the time, and now we are ready for something new. And that’s why this collection makes sense.

  • Alvargogo

    Ummm. This collection is not good. Simons was not a good choice, i think marc jacobs would have been perfect for Christian Dior. This collection lacks feminity,  is totally unluxurious (just look at the shoes) it even seems that the models were instructed to walk like psychiatric patients (Dior walks were always flamboyant and aristocratic). It seems that Dior is gonna lose its current level, sales are definitely going to drop. I really wonder who chose a man that has no experience with womenswear at all as the designer for a house that is well known for its ultra femenine designs.

  • Rudolf Seabra

    You should really do some research before posting such comments. And Dior is also about timeless elegance, which Marc Jacobs doesn’t know how to do at all.

  • Rudolf Seabra

    I think the thing that I thought was a mistake is that this collection would have looked much better in models with fuller figures. I just couldn’t help but wonder how Lara Stone and Cristall Renn would have looked wearing these clothes. I just think that Couture is about a more wholesome figure and body, and that waif models just don’t give the show as modern of a feel anymore.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    “No experience with womenswear at all”?? Um, did you know what was happening at Jil Sander for the past few years? Raf Simons was designing. The womenswear. I’d count that as experience.

  • anya

    I loved it, except for the nipples. Couture and nipples don’t mix.

  • sonia

    i spotted alber elbaz and his nike…lol 

  • ariéf

    I love this raf  Simons haute couture collection for Dior.