Loathe: Styled to Rock

Rihanna, styled to rock, fashion reality tv, house of holland, girls aloud

Is someone who dresses like this really qualified to mentor fashion designers?

I wrote about Fashion Reality TV shows on Tuesday, and shortly after publishing I came across this article in Rolling Stone, about a new fashion reality TV show hosted by Rihanna, called “Styled to Rock.” The show will “will follow the stylish singer as she mentors a dozen young British designers towards success.” That’s interesting, because I would have thought that in order to mentor designers, you would have to KNOW SOMETHING about design, or at least the fashion industry (By the way, wearing lots of crazy designer clothing does not give you the qualifications to mentor designers.) Oh wait, I forgot, this is 2012, where anyone who wears clothes is entitled to be a designer, or to host a TV show where they give fashion “advice.”

Rihanna, styled to rock, fashion reality tv, house of holland, girls aloud

If you put stuff like this down a runway, you cannot be considered fashion elite.

But don’t worry! Rihanna has help. “She will be working alongside a fleet of music and fashion elite: her stylist Lysa Cooper, zany British designer Henry Holland and Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts (who runs her own successful cosmetics line).” Perhaps the writer of this article needs to do some proper fact checking, as Henry Holland IS NOT fashion elite (read more about him here), and anyone from Girls Aloud IS NOT music elite (I am actually laughing out “aloud” right now.)

Rihanna, styled to rock, fashion reality tv, house of holland, girls aloud

The only thing Girls Aloud can give advice on is how NOT to apply fake tan.

I think the people I feel most sorry for are the designers. We all know that these types of shows do not make successful fashion careers (they probably ruin them, if anything), but the fact that they are allowing Rihanna, Henry Holland, and someone from a shite manufactured girl’s band to give them fashion design advice means they are seriously desperate or know nothing at all about the real fashion world. And what is this “Styled to Rock” all about? Rihanna doesn’t rock. Girls Aloud certainly don’t rock. And Henry Holland is the antithesis of rock. Although we can probably assume that they all have heads full of rocks.

All quotes from Rolling Stone. Read the full article here. Image sources: Girls Aloud, House of Holland, and Rihanna.

  • Jasper

    i loved/still love that outfit though

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Which one? Rihanna’s? I’ll give her props for wearing some daring outfits, but that’s her stylist’s doing, and does not qualify her to be a mentor to designers.

  • Roshh Ko

    I actually hate this Rihanna’s look – it’s too lesbian porn like.

    Otherwise, I don’t really like that Henry Holland will be on the show… I hope they make good drama out of it! 😀

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Of course they will make good drama out of it. All the cast, “mentors” and designers, will have been chosen because they will make good television. Which is another reason why I’m not a fan of these shows, they aren’t about making careers, they are about making good TV, and that usually means fights, screaming, tears, and drama.

  • http://girllovescolor.blogspot.com/ Maya

    People need to stop making new fashion reality TV shows. Project Runway did it best.
    And honestly, a reality show is no way to make it in the fashion industry because no one can take you seriously.

  • Brett2029

    Alexandra would Rihanna be considered a fashion clown? 

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Yes, I would say so 😉

  • Jasper

    the first one by jeremy scott i think! it near the end of her grace jones imitation phase. her stylist has seriously gone down hill.. she used to wear like super chic runway outfits all the time, now it seems like she just wears overly designed street wear :( 

  • Guest

    oh wait, i forgot this is 2012, where anyone with a laptop and a blog thinks they have a valid opinion to offer

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Read my bio, I do have a valid opinion because I have a valid background. I love how this type of comment always comes from a “guest” or “anonymous” person.