Love: Marie Jo Lingerie

marie jo, luxury lingerieLingerie brands like Marie Jo, Lejaby, and Chantelle have always seemed so old fashioned to me. I used to think they were the types of bras older French women would wear. Until I tried them.

There’s a reason these European brands (Marie Jo is from Belgium, the other two are French) have been in business for a long time and sell a lot of bras. It is because they make the best ones. Their typical lacy bras usually don’t look very exciting, but actually, the best looking bra is usually a perfectly simple black lace one, that fits unbelievably well.

marie jo, luxury lingerie

I’ve got a couple from Marie Jo and they are my best bras. They fit beautifully, the materials are high quality, the shapes are flattering, the detailing is stunning, and they make you feel like a million dollars. I just recently got the Avero multiway (in hot pink! Shown above) from Diane’s lingerie and I am pretty much wearing it every day. It is one of the best (and, best-looking) t-shirt bras I’ve ever had. Sure, it is not cheap ($131 at Diane’s), but this is not the bra that you “save” for special occasions. Like shoes, I think it is best to spend money on bras you wear every day.

If you are used to wearing cheap lingerie, I dare you to try on one of the above mentioned brands, you will be surprised. I was, and now I’m hooked. Lingerie is most definitely worth spending money on.

marie jo, luxury lingerie

Vancouver readers, go to Diane’s for the best European lingerie brands. I know the store doesn’t look very trendy, but they have a lot of stock, a ton of pretty bras, and sales people who really know boobs, brassieres, and everything in between.

  • Erin Harder

    This is interesting! Okay, so what exactly is considered ‘cheap’ for lingerie (besides the obvious La Senza answer…)? I struggle very greatly with finding a bra that fits properly and appears to be worth the cost. I might have to try these.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    I guess cheap is not necessarily about price tag, it is about construction. But most good bras cost money, because they are expensive to make. When I worked in lingerie, we worked with one of the best factories in the world (in France) and it was very, very expensive to get a good bra made. It is a lot of materials and labour.

    To be honest, I don’t know much about the mid-market bra, everything I own is either quite cheap (which is fine, sometimes) or very expensive, but I imagine places like the Bay, or even Diane’s, have mid-market priced bras that are well made and have great fit.

    My experience with the expensive/high quality brands is that they fit super well, they last a long time (if you follow the proper care instructions, this is important!) and they are flattering (with, or without clothes over top.) But keep in mind that high price point does not necessarily mean good quality. I’ve bought pieces from Agent Provocateur, which have poor fit and fall apart after five washes. Go for the old school brands who have been in business for a long time, and European brands (French, Belge, German) are a good bet.

  • Denisf

    HI I would like to find out the company that makes chantelle lingerie in Vietnam can any one tell how makes lingerie for chantelle , Denis