5 Underrated Fashion Items

The real fashion missions in life always seem to focus on the items that should be so easy to find, but are in fact really difficult. I have a handful of garments that I have worn to death, but refuse to part with because I have not found a suitable replacement. Why is it so hard to find a perfect cardigan or three inch heel? Here is my list of items I am always hunting for, the most underrated fashion items. I am sure you have some items to add to this list, what basic items do you struggle to find?

COS, cardigans, wardrobe essentials, knitwear

These cardigans from COS are cute but I am tired of ordering my entire wardrobe from them and having someone ship it to me from England.

1. The perfect cardigan. If you are looking for a waist-length, chic cardigan, then they are easy enough to find. But I also like to have longer cardigans to wear in the winter. Most of the ones I have found are either too slim (so if you aren’t wearing something tight underneath it looks bulky), have an unflattering V-neckline, or are sloppy “Grandpa” cardigan cuts. I have a few of those drapy ones but they fall off my shoulders and don’t close. The only one I’ve found that I really like is by John Smedley, but it is super loose.

wardrobe essentials, heels, three inch heels

These are the types of shoes that exist in the three inch heel category: geriatric wedges or boring as hell ankle boots.

2. A great three inch heel. Don’t get me wrong, I love four and five inch heels, but for running errands and doing daycare drops, I like something comfortable, and I actually feel more at ease in a three inch heel over a flat (which rarely provides much support.) But try and find me a great three inch heel! I’ve got a few pairs from Finsk, but most of hers are higher than three inches. I used to buy Chie Mihara, but their shoes look too vintage-y these days. Most designer brands either do flats or towering heels, or stilettos, which is also unpractical as I don’t want to be replacing the heel tip every 3 weeks.

wardrobe essentials, lingerie, underwear, cotton

Two lovely pairs of everyday panties, but both made of nylon (gross.) Would it kill someone to make these in cotton?

3. Good cotton underwear. Let’s face it, nothing is more comfortable than wearing cotton underwear. But for some reason, most cotton underwear is either in super plain colours, or comes in polka dots or Snoopy prints. Anything that looks good is in silk or crappy synthetic fabrics. What if you want underwear that is sexy, pretty, or at least cool, in cotton? You are out of luck. I have spent the past five years searching for awesome cotton underwear, and I give up. It does not exist.

wardrobe essentials, turtlenecks, knitwear, steve jobs

He may have been a great designer, but that doesn’t make him a great dresser.

4. A flattering turtleneck. Another knitwear dilemma. Ths is a highly practical garment, especially in winter when you want to keep your neck warm. The problem with most turtlenecks is that they are either super tight (around the neck and body) which makes you look like Steve Jobs, or they are big, sloppy, loose things. Can there not be a middle ground? In cashmere, please?

wardrobe essentials, boots, practical, amazing shoes

These are the Finsk boots I ordered for winter (in brown, if you are wondering) as they are one of the few brands that makes practical boots that look cool.

5. Practical, stylish winter boots. This is also an item I am constantly hunting for, although I’ve had much more success here than I have in the other four categories. I like a winter boot with a three or so inch heel, that is chunky, so I can wear it every day and not worry about bad weather conditions. It also needs to be in a durable leather that will withstand the elements. Other must-have qualities are easy to put on (no buttons or laces) and versatile, as it is an item I wear a lot. Oh yes, and they have to be cool. That’s the tough part. I have found a few pairs, and I’ve worn them to death.

Cardigan images from COS, heels from Ssense, panties from Net A Porter, Steve Jobs image from Apple, and boots from Finsk.

  • Roshh Ko

    As a boy, I would add a nice and comfortable jersey pants for the winter and summer because there’s nothing better than those (I prefer them baggy). Jeans and pants make me feel like I am wearing some kind of a spaceman jumpsuit that I can’t move in.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Yes, I can imagine jersey pants are very, very hard to get right.

  • Corona Jacky

    I totally agree on the perfect cardi and turtleneck.. why oh why is it so damn hard to find fashion basics?! And I have a fashion confession… after a 2 year hunt, I FINALLY found the perfect pair of stylish boots for our MTL winters, with a steady heel, comfy and WARM. I saw them, fell in love and hesitated to buy them… you’ll see why on the picture.  But I’m happy I bought them (don’t judge me haha!!)

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Looks like a perfect, practical winter boot! My tip is to buy two pairs! I always do that when I find the perfect clothing item.

  • Corona Jacky

    I know right? I saw the black version, works perfectly with my black fur coat. But I’m mentally unprepared to have 2 pair of UGG boots in my closet. It’s just too much… 😉

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    The brand is Ugg?!?! Yeah, I wouldn’t buy a second pair either, out of principle.

  • Corona Jacky

     hahaha! That was the reaction I was expecting. Fashion Confession: I have a pair of Uggs. There. I said it out loud in one of the fashion blogs I respect the most LOL

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    I hope you only wear them when taking the garbage out at your chalet! Or after surfing.

  • Helena

    Comfort and style…. I always come back to Fluevog.  Never boring, lots of choice in 3 inches and you will always stand out, mostly in a good way. 

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Good point, although sometimes their styles are a bit too “funky” for me.

  • Diane

    Just my two cents on some go-tos: 

    Re: turtlenecks, comptoir des cotonniers makes killer ones that look fantastic. Too bad I can only find them when I’m in Europe or NYC… 
    Re: 3 inch heels, Navyboot (the Swiss shoe brand) makes such beautiful, durable and stylish heels.