Fashion Chat: The Facehunter

This is the last of the interviews with the Secret Location guests that I will be publishing. Check out Teatum Jones and Rad Hourani, and you can read my interview with Maria Behk on the store’s blog. My chat with Yvan Rodic, aka The Facehunter, was interesting. While I am not a huge fan of street style blogs, I do have respect for the ones that have been going for a long time (The Sartorialist, Facehunter, Street Peeper, and Jak & Jil) and Yvan had some interesting things to say about the growing popularity of street style. Read the main part of my interview here, and below is a discussion we had about street style blogging and the subjects.

yvan rodic, the facehunter, fashion chat, street style, bloggers, interview

Street style in Seoul (left) and Taipei (right.)

Alexandra Suhner Isenberg: One of the things I think is quite interesting is that the whole street style thing has exploded. Not just the sheer number of blogs that cover it, but also it has become such an important thing.  I was just reading a tweet the other day saying that a fashion editor not only has to be a writer and an editor but now they also have to be a street style star.

Yvan Rodic:  Yes, in Russia, the girls go to the shows in Paris to be photographed by major photographers, and that is a key way to become a Russian It girl.  If they get photographed, it will like accelerate usually their access to fame in Russia.

yvan rodic, the facehunter, fashion chat, street style, bloggers, interview

Street style in Stockholm.

ASI: And as one of original like street style bloggers, one of the first ones that did it well, do you find it annoying? How do you feel about the fact that it’s become such a big thing?

YR: What is interesting is that when it started, the movement was called street style but nowadays what you see on blogs and what you see printed in magazine 90% of the time is fashion week street style. Fashion week style, actually. That’s a completely different thing because I would say street style is something romantic where you spend hours on the street and you eventually find two people, and fashion week style is predictable, there is no surprise.  You know what you are going to get and it is already dealt in advance.

yvan rodic, the facehunter, fashion chat, street style, bloggers, interview

Street style in Milan.

I remember when I started, there was a lot of people writing and saying “Hey, I’m going to start a blog in Portland, I’m going to start a blog in Mexico City”.  But then, these very people realized that to keep going, to keep running a blog, it takes a lot of time and it is not easy to make money if you run a blog in a non-fashion capital. So actually, many of them end up shutting down because they didn’t have enough time and money.  And then the shift is that a lot of people realized if you go to Paris and you shoot Anna Dello Russo, who has no style, she’s just wearing what the designer sent her before the show, you can sell this picture for 200 euros. Now you can tell is there a commercial scene and there’s like an indy scene. Now, if you go to Paris, it is definitely quite brutal and at the big shows you really can tell that some photographers have no idea who is who but they just go there for the money shots. They just want to shoot the big editors, so there is something less beautiful and genuine about it.  And definitely somehow less inspiring, it tells so much less about the style of people in the world, it just says something about a micro bubble.

I’m aware of this evolution and somehow I’m fine, because I go there and I get what I want. I rarely run after the big editors, I would rather shoot more unknown people, and then I’m spending a lot of time the rest of the year exploring unknown places or cities that are less known for fashion or culture.  So for me, that makes my uniqueness, that I put on the map places like Jakarta or Vancouver.  At the end of the day, I’m fine with my mission and my promise to my readers because I still inspire people with style of real people.

All images from The Facehunter.