Love: The Herschel Supply Co.

love, herschel supply co, canadian fashion, backpacks, bags

I know I am a bit of a let down when it comes to supporting Vancouver brands on this blog, but since most of my readership is international, I try and only feature brands that are available internationally. (If you want to read about all the lovely Vancouver things I love, check out Vitamin Daily, I am their Fashion Editor.) Herschel Supply Co. is a Vancouver fashion success story, and yes, I know they make backpacks, but backpacks are cool sometimes.

love, herschel supply co, canadian fashion, backpacks, bags

As someone who has a totally lopsided body (for two reasons, I always carry my heavy handbag on my right and I always carry my heavy son on my right), the appeal of the backpack is strong. I have one I wear when hiking (you’d be an idiot to use a clutch, right?) and I’ve been tempted to try and use one in a few day to day situations, maybe running errands or taking my son out to activities. Having both hands free is pretty practical, and so is having my loaded bag weight distributed evenly. I haven’t done it yet, but I am feeling a backpack situation sometime in the near future…watch this space.

love, herschel supply co, canadian fashion, backpacks, bags

Anyway, Herschel Supply Co. makes really nice backpacks. They are classic, cool and Canadian. Plus the prices are totally reasonable, with backpacks starting at $40. So as soon as I get up the courage to wear a backpack, I am hoping it will be one of these.

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  • Brett

    Great post. I love the colours! Also, on another note I read Galliano has been officially stripped of his French Legion of Honour award! Not surprised at all.

  • jasper

    that’s… stupid. first of all, why is something galliano achieved because of his talent and creativity being stripped away because of something irrelevant? second of all, he doesn’t need some petty award to validate him at this point, he has his work that speaks for itself.

    also i didn’t realize hershel was canadian! i thought they were just another irritating common trend item like uggs, toms, hunters, etc. BUT SINCE THEY’RE CANADIAN, totally legit!

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Yes, I heard about Galliano earlier today. At first I was shocked, but then I realized he was found guilty of anti-semitism. And I guess it makes sense that the government (any government) would strip their “awarded” citizens if they commit a crime, right? It sort of makes sense, right?