Burberry Prorsum Spring Summer 2013

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I loved most of this Burberry Prorsum collection, and I’d wear most of it, too. But that doesn’t make it great by fashion standards (what is that saying about my taste?) Burberry have it easy in that every time figures aren’t looking great (growth has recently slowed and as a result, stock prices have plummeted) they can just throw a bunch of trench coats onto the runway. And that is what they did. Metallic trenches, lace trenches, colour-blocked trenches, evening trenches, jacket trenches, cropped trenches, and shrug versions of trenches. Most of them looked great, but it was boring, and a testament to Burberry’s commitment to SALES and not innovation. They are quite happy to repeat the same type of thing season after season, when they know it is a bestseller. And while I can accept that all brands do this, not all brands put it onto their catwalk. They at least try and PRETEND they are doing something new, even though the commercial collection might be close to identical to last season.

Despite their lack of originality, the coats and jackets were quite nice, as were the bold, colourful cocktail dresses. The pin up style swimsuits felt dated, and there were too many no-pants scenarios going down the runway, but all in all, I’d definitely love a few of the jewel-toned outerwear pieces.

I love…

London, catwalk, runway show, spring summer 2013, Burberry Prorsum

a beautiful rounded sleeve on a traditional trench. But this show was too much about the trench coats. Yes Burberry, we know you make trench coats, but do you need to parade them all down the runway?

London, catwalk, runway show, spring summer 2013, Burberry Prorsum

a gorgeous colour-blocked coat.

London, catwalk, runway show, spring summer 2013, Burberry Prorsum

an awesome mini-bomber worn over a cocktail dress. Very cool.

I loathe…

London, catwalk, runway show, spring summer 2013, Burberry Prorsum

a ridiculously impractical white cape worn over a swimsuit. I dare you to wear this next summer.

London, catwalk, runway show, spring summer 2013, Burberry Prorsum

an overdose of metallics.

All images from Vogue.com.

  • http://twitter.com/Ines_Cruz Inés Cruz

    I loved the degradé coat too… it feels so cool, and most of the volumes in the collection as weell.
    I definitely loved the colour pallette (which gace a modern twist to Burberry, who usually sticks with earthy colours (brown, grey, green and back to the top), because I thing it gave the colection some modernity and edginess that might appeal to the younger public (even if we can’t pay for it), and hated the micro shorts, I thing they look great (most of the time) on the runway, but then… who wears them besides on fashion editorials?

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    It is so easy to put a model into micro shorts, they look good in anything.

  • http://www.iambourgeois.com Lauren

    So not a fan of those puffed sleeves. They make the models’ shoulders look wider than normal, and I can just imagine what an unflattering silhouette that would create on a normal person.

  • Gemma

    Well I loved it! and about brands show casing same old on product….remind me… What version of apple iphone are we?

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    How else are they going to force us to buy the same product over and over again, every year?

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    I like them, it draws attention away from the hips and waist. But agree its not for everyone!

  • Celeste

    Yes, there is nothing new. But for consumers in the market for trench coats, at least they can count on Burberry.

  • Akvil? Lesauskait?

    I loved the colour block coat. And so glad you didn’t post those candy party ones!