Love: Vancouver’s Fashion’s Night Out

fashion's Night out, vancouverThis will be a rare blog post that is pretty much target only my Vancouver readers (sorry to all the rest of you!) but I felt that it merited a feature because this Fashion’s Night Out is particularly important to me. I have been on the advisory board for the event, which is being organized by a non-profit organization, and the main purpose of the event is to support local retailers and restaurants.

Yeah, yeah, I know that was what the original New York City FNO was about, but it sort of felt like the Anna Wintour show, whereas Vancouver’s event is not about Justin Beiber appearances and Vogue “doing good.” So Vancouverites, I hope you’ll be out this Thursday, shopping at some of Vancouver’s best boutiques and supporting our local shops! Download the iphone app here, or check the website for details on the event.

  • Erin Harder

    I will be out for it tomorrow! I was at Tokyo’s in 2010, which was a fantastic experience at which I got some very nice items and sufficiently intoxicated. Three cheers!