Prabal Gurung Spring Summer 2013

When a show starts with a model wearing satin pants with a long sheer tunic and crinkled taffeta jacket, I wonder if we’ve stepped into the world of mother of the bride fashions (a stylish mother of the bride, but still.) Then we were faced with elastic waistbands (again, something a mother of the bride would wear, but just not at the wedding.) Things appeared to be getting marginally better with some chic-ish sporty looks (but nothing to write home about) but then the unattractive prints arrived, and for me, this Prabal Gurung show was over. This is the kind of collection that makes me wonder whether the whole studio was on drugs when they decided that this stuff was good enough to send down a catwalk.

I love…
Nothing. There were a few ok looks, but not worthy of a mention here.

I loathe…


when the words sloppy come to mind in the opening look of a show.


white pants with an elastic waistband.


head to toe print, with a black collar and placket (and is that some sort of short train?!?!)


when a model looks 20 pounds heavier than she is. That is just wrong.


flared metallic shorts.

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  • Dimitar