Versace Spring Summer 2013

Slutty is the new black, according to Versace and the scantily clad models that were sent down their catwalk. Glorified panties as shorts, negligees held together by scraps of sheer lace and delicate straps, and evening gowns only Jennifer Lopez could get away with. I would totally wear this stuff if I looked like one of the models and spent my days hanging on yachts. But guess what? I don’t. And neither does most of the world. It is too easy to stick models into slutty clothing and make them look sexy, how about trying to convert that sex appeal into something for a woman who doesn’t walk around with half her breast and her entire upper thigh on show?

I love…
Well, the shoes were ok. Check them out when I do my Milan shoe roundup in a few days.

I loathe…

Milan, catwalk, runway show, spring summer 2013, Versace

gratuitous sluttiness. But that lace is beautiful, would have liked to see it covering some skin.

Milan, catwalk, runway show, spring summer 2013, Versace

the Versace cavewoman.

Milan, catwalk, runway show, spring summer 2013, Versace

skimpy negligees. Are we doing the lingerie as outerwear trend again? Or is Versace now an intimates brand?

Milan, catwalk, runway show, spring summer 2013, Versace

little beach dresses you buy at touristy stores at beach cities for $10. Well, I don’t loathe those, but I loathe that Versace is putting them down the catwalk.

Milan, catwalk, runway show, spring summer 2013, Versace

ridiculous evening wear. Jennifer Lopez is too old for this now.

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  • Helen

    I hate how you criticize so many good collections (I’m not talking about Versace now) just because you can’t wear them! After all, it’s your fault, not the designers’!

  • AnaO

    Well, a good collection is one that looks beautiful not only by underweight teenagers.

  • AnaO

    * on underweight teenagers :)

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    I can’t wear 99% of what is on the catwalks, because I’m pregnant, chase after a one year old, live in the mountains, and don’t have the need for eveningwear, but that is not my benchmark for what makes a good collection or not. I want to see clothes that are beautiful, interesting, innovative, and/or real. That means that SOMEONE, other than the underweight teenagers Ana mentioned, can wear them. No one I know, or even know of, would wear any of this, at these prices. The beach dresses are cute, for $50, and the stripper dresses would work on the strippers I know, but they don’t spend 4 figures on work outfits. I can love a crazy collection if it has a real story, but I can’t love gratuitous sluttiness (Versace), cheap-looking 60’s flower power (Prada), the same prints over and over again (Mary Katrantzou), or brands with no personality (Jonathan Saunders) whether I can wear them or not.

  • jess

    y’know, i can totally picture blake lively in the last gown..