Beauty Brief: Kevin Murphy Dry Cleaning Spray

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A few weeks back I had my hair done by Mark McLeod (read about it on Vitamin Daily, he had some great tips) which was really exciting because most of my haircuts seem to take place in my kitchen. In addition to leaving with a great cut, I also got some amazing tips on hair maintenance for the busy woman. I like to spend max 3 minutes on my hair in the morning, and my new cut and products allow this. I can also now go four days without washing my hair, which is awesome.

The trick is, on day 2, 3, and 4 after washing, you use Kevin Murphy‘s Fresh Hair Dry Cleaning Spray, a dry shampoo-like product that gives your hair bulk and makes it look clean. I just spray a bunch on and shake my hair and it keeps its volume and bounce all day (instead of looking flat and greasy, not my fave look.) It takes a LOT for me to get excited about a hair product and use it for more than 3 days after purchase, but I can safely say that I am officially addicted to this spray and it is my new must-have. Find it at many salons, there is a list on their website.

  • Rachel

    I do this but with Aveda Air Control – totally revives and helps to absorb oils. The key for me is I don’t want to feel like I have any product in my hair (this spray helps me on day 3, not always on day 4). Can you feel this product in your hair once you’ve used it?

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    No, I can’t feel it, the hair just feels voluminous and a bit bulky, but not heavy in a product-y type of way.