Loathe: Anna Dello Russo’s Big Mouth

Anna Dello Russo, H&M, arm party, jewelry, fashion quote

I am loving the snake bracelet arm party from Anna Dello Russo’s H&M collection.

I’ve been checking out Anna Dello Russo’s H&M collection, and unlike many of their designer collaborations, I am pretty impressed with this one. Not because it is nicer than the other ones (there have been a lot of beautiful pieces in previous designer collaborations) but because the prices are somewhat more reasonable than previous collections, and there was no line ups. As you may know, I have a policy of never lining up for fast fashion.

But despite the lovely ornate clutches and beautifully gaudy jewelry, Anna Dello Russo had to stick her foot in her mouth and ruin it for everyone. Remember when she did the Macy’s collection and she said she’d never wear any of the pieces more than once? Well this recent comment was almost as bad. When asked who made the H&M collection (referring to the manufacturer) she responded “I don’t know, China?” (Financial Times)

Anna Dello Russo, H&M, arm party, jewelry, fashion quote

What’s not to love about a turquoise trolley suitcase?

Guess what Anna, China is not a manufacturer. And if you are going to agree to one of these high-paid, high-visibility collaborations, at least have the decency to learn where the product is made. You don’t need to know the factory name, but you could at least have learnt the country. And if you are too dumb to do that, then just say “I don’t know”, rather than assume everything is made in China.

This, and the Macy’s quote, make me lose all respect for her. Fashion is not just about wearing cherries on your head for fashion week, or having a separate apartment for the clothes. It is also about the manufacturing process, and the ethics behind the industry. And you certainly lack ethics if you think that fast fashion is only worth wearing once (what a WASTE!) and that you think China is a manufacturer and that everything cheap is made there. I’d love that awesome turquoise clutch but I can bring myself to buy it since I think Anna Dello Russo is a moron.

Anna Dello Russo, H&M, arm party, jewelry, fashion quote

Proof that gaudy can be good.

Of course if you want to buy it, the collection is in H&M now, and it looks pretty cool and there aren’t line ups.

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  • Armen Yampolsky

    I don’t know how intelligent she is, but if the quote was spoken by someone with a rich, intelligent sense of wit, I would have understood it to be a biting critique of outsourcing. Along the lines of, “Everything is made in China these days and nobody cares, nobody knows anything about it, and as long as it’s cheap, it might as well be the moon.”

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Judging by the Macy’s comment, I don’t think this is the case.

  • Dimitar

    I liked the H&M collaboration, I even loved the amusing pop video. I don’t believe she would wear a piece only ones in real life, I think it’s only a PR move that fools all people who are not involved in the industry that fashion is a waste of time and money on things you are not supposed to wear more than once.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    I don’t know… she doesn’t strike me as the type who wants to get value out of her wardrobe.