Love and Loathe: Maison Martin Margiela for H&M

H&M, Maison martin margiela, love, loathe, designer collaborations, fast fashion

The silver clutch on the left is very, very cool. The “oversized fanny” on the right makes me laugh, because in England the word “fanny” is slang for the female genitalia. I hope they have a different name for this item on the other side of the pond. And it reminds me of the late 90’s when everyone was wearing utilitarian cross body bags and Prada Sport.

While I love some of the pieces in the MMM with H&M collection, I of course will not be lining up for it tomorrow. I don’t line up for fast fashion and it is my birthday tomorrow (23! Not.) so there’s no way I’m spending it with a bunch of fashion desperados trying to buy H&M at 5 in the morning (except you, Anya, you line up but you’re not a fashion desperado.)

H&M, Maison martin margiela, love, loathe, designer collaborations, fast fashion

What’s not to love about the black coat on the left?

Although the pieces look amazing, there is also the question of whether Margiela would have done this. Would he have lent ideas from his archive for a blockbuster H&M collection that involves people lining up outside all night in the middle of November? I don’t think so. Who knows, though, one thing he was guaranteed to do was surprise. But I think if he was going to do something like this, he would have done it in an utterly weird way. Collaborated with Walmart. Or only sold plus sizes. Or randomly launched the collection by surprise, so no one knew what day it was going to arrive. The formula H&M uses definitely generates some amazing collections and fantastic exposure for the brands involved, but it is a formula, and Margiela was anything but formulaic.

H&M, Maison martin margiela, love, loathe, designer collaborations, fast fashion

More cool stuff.

Will any of you be lining up?

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  • Jasmine Lukuku

    No lining up for me, but I’m off work on Friday so I will probably poke through the dregs and see what I can find.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Call me is they have that foil clutch.

  • AnaO

    I’ll pop into H&M in the afternoon to see if there are candy clutches, pretty coats or supercool skirts left. And I’ll probably buy something, feeling slightly guilty. I hate it how the Maison has sold out – but boy are they clothes amazing! I’m lusting over almost everything from their SS 13 collection – and a few pieces from the H&M colab, too.

  • Jasmine Lukuku

    Of course! I’ll just grab you one if they do.If you don’t end up taking it, someone will.

  • Alex Yu

    I just got home from queuing at Shepherd’s Bush’s Westfield H&M, as I figured Regent Street would be crowded. I was the third group in queue and the foil clutch was completely sold out! Everyone was grabbing that. But nonetheless, the qualities of the coats are amazing.. 100% wool, nice lining etc.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    You’re in England? What are you doing there,

    The cool stuff will go faster over there, they are more fashion forward.

  • fashionaholic

    This is fashion and MMM for H&M completed the so called fashion circle. From few elite intellectual customers who discovered it back in the day, to the masses of the seasonal trend shoppers. It is time for the new generation to create new exciting fashion to be available in H&M in 2035.

  • Alex Yu

    I’m studying at LCF. Doing graduate school for womenswear!
    And yes, a lot more people in the queue actually knows who margiela is. Unlike Vancouver, where most people just queue for the sake of queuing.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Congrats! LCF is great. Enjoy London!

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    So I am guessing you didn’t line up? 😉

  • anya

    Yes, lined up at 4am (ouch)! I wanted the candy clutch and got it.

    What I like about these collections is being able to wear them and not worry too much about ruining them. When my $1,500 MMM bag got its first scratch, I almost cried. When my candy clutch gets one, I’ll be “oops, whatever.”

    I think the real MM would have probably given them away for free, during some elaborate hunt and gather scheme, or something clever like that. Ha! Miss him.