Love: Wearing the Same Dress Twice

michelle obama, kate middleton, same dress twice, celebrity, fashion

Michelle Obama wore a repeat dress on election night.

In light of Barack Obama’s re-election, a request from a reader for my opinion on Michelle Obama’s style, and some recent articles on “recycling” outfits, I thought I’d write a little piece on wearing the same garment twice.

Us mere mortals do this on a regular basis, I couldn’t imagine not doing so. Of course I have clothing I have only worn once, but that’s not intentional, it is most likely because I haven’t had an opportunity to wear my recent acquisitions very often lately because I am too fat pregnant. But this is not about us average folk, I’m talking about very high profile women wearing the same outfit twice (notably Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton.)

michelle obama, kate middleton, same dress twice, celebrity, fashion

I believe I’ve already expressed my love for Kate Middleton’s habit for doing this, and I need to express my love to Michelle Obama for doing the same. It is a move that reflects the times that we (or “they,” Canada is doing pretty ok) are in, and it makes a very strong fashion statement. How can you talk seriously about the economy and poverty if you go through tens of thousands of dollars of clothing a month? You can’t. Vanessa Friedman suggests that in wearing a repeat to celebrate her husband’s re-election, Michelle Obama has “stopped talking,” meaning she no longer wants to be recognized as a style influencer, and instead wants to get on with the big job ahead.

I think it is smart, in many ways. It is very true that media will be getting far less excited about recycled outfits, and may actually focus on her incentives and projects. On the other hand, fickle as it may be, fashion media may simply stop talking about her and move on to an over-dressed celebrity. Is that a bad thing? Maybe. Maybe not. I am sure MObama doesn’t want the world talking about her dress, she wants them talking about her projects to support veterans or to combat obesity.

michelle obama, kate middleton, same dress twice, celebrity, fashion

And the same goes for Kate Middleton, who also appears to want to make her mark more by her actions over what she is wearing. Of course, I’d suggest she make sure she is wearing SOMETHING, because the biggest impression she has made this year is one of her topless.

P.S. To answer my readers question about Michelle Obama’s clothing, I love how she dresses. She is brave in her choices, supports young brands, has great taste, is colourful, rarely stiff, and never looks contrived. It actually feels like sometimes she gets up and puts on her own outfit.

Image sources: Michelle Obama election night, Michelle Obama photos: here and here, Kate Middleton images: here and here.

  • Paige

    I’ve always felt that the taboo surrounding repeat wears was ridiculous. What if you absolutely LOVE an outfit?! Imagine the annoyance of the often photographed with a closet full of couture they can only wear once. It just seems so wasteful. I think the test of a person’s style is as much to do with how many ways they can wear their items, not simply how beautiful their items are.

  • Diana

    that’s such a huge contrast to (for example) a taylor swift interview that tom and lorenzo posted on their blog. in the interview, she complains that she has all of these pretty dresses that she has only worn once because i guess the press talks about it or something, which means she has to constantly buy new dresses (cry me a river, taylor. that aspect of your celebrity status is not something to complain about).