Yay to America!

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My Mom says not to talk about politics on this blog, but I am sure you have all figured out that I wouldn’t have been a Romney supporter, given that I’m not a rich white man. I was following the election very closely (wish I’d take a fraction of this amount of interest in Canadian politics) and it was such a relief to find out that Americans made the right choice by re-electing Barack Obama. Despite the Republicans talk about economy being the main issue, I think we can safely say that the Americans have spoken out on (binders of) women’s rights, immigration, and social policy by voting Democrat. I loved that Todd “legitimate rape” Akin did not get re-elected, nor did Richard “pregnancy from rape is something that God intended to happen” Mourdock. I love that Mitt Romney’s rhetoric on the 47% and “illegals” (as opposed to undocumented workers, as Obama calls them) hurt his campaign and his reputation. Finally, I love that one of the world’s super powers has a leader who is reasonable, rational, compassionate, modern, and smart. The whole world can now breathe a sigh of relief.

  • Dimitar

    I am really far away from the States, but from what I’ve gathered I just think that Obama isn’t extreme and doesn’t call the problems with their real names which people tend to adore and choose over, in this case, the extreme talking of Romney. Otherwise, I strongly believe that no matter who was chosen, they would have done the same thing (or nearly the same) in terms of politics, economics, etc. You can’t make a drastic change in 4 years, you can start one but that’s all.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    You can;t make a drastic change in four years, but you can make quite a significant one in eight, which is why it is great he got re-elected. Also, he was most likely playing it safe during his first term because he wanted to be re-elected, I think we are going to see some big changes being made, now that he doesn’t need to concern himself with re-election.

  • mattea

    I don’t know if you’ve posted on this before, but I’d love to read a post about your thoughts on Michelle Obama’s sense of style…

  • AnaO

    Yay! Great post. Great news. And I wouldn’t mind if you mentioned politics from time to time :)

  • Meg Mitchell

    Love this photo and I too am very happy with the result of the election.

  • http://twitter.com/kirstydelite kirsty delight

    no matter who won there wouldn’t be significant changes for america. Obama had the same neoliberal economic policies as the previous administrations and will continue to do so. his first four years barely made a dent, if at all. they are all the same democrats and republicans. also, quite a drop for Obama actually, from a significant landslide victory in 2008. kinda shows how america is quite divided. though im not surprised Obama still won. for one, he comes off likeable, given how celebrity-like his and his family’s coverage has been. #mytwocents

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Maybe I will. She has great style!

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Agree on some points, but Obamacare can be a game changer. I heard a Republican military man on the radio this morning saying how he voted for Obama (his issues with Romney and the Republicans is another story) but even he was harping on about how the US is the only developed country not to offer universal healthcare and it was ridiculous that anyone was fighting this (aside form the insurance companies, of course.) It costs $20K to have a baby there, cancer can run into the hundreds of thousands. This will be major for the Americans.