Loathe: The Pajancho

Any garment whose tagline is “PJ comfort from fiesta to siesta” is worthy of a mention on this blog. Not only is the name terrifying (both pajamas and ponchos are very scary items of clothing, only to be worn in the bedroom, or in plastic when raining) but I don’t understand why anyone would want to own clothing they can both nap in and party in.

pajancho, pajama jeans, bad fashion, loathe, pajamas

The Pajancho, a steal at $59.99, or buy the three colours for only $119.99!

Described as being “made of an amazingly soft fabric to be even comfier than your favorite PJs and designed with the ease and coziness of a poncho, this must-have cover-up will keep you warm and looking good. Pull-over styling with hoodie, kangaroo pocket, and removable belt.”

I’m trying to think of one single scenario where it would be acceptable to wear the Pajancho (for example, if you were hospitalized you might wear PajamaJeans and that would be ok) but I am at a loss. It’s ugly, not waterproof (so it can’t be used as outerwear), doesn’t replace a top (the armholes are big and therefore it would be revealing if you didn’t wear anything underneath) and it’s made from a cheap, gross fabric. I am also trying to figure out why the tagline is “PJ comfort from fiesta to siesta.” Are they trying to suggest people wear this during naps, and then straight to a dinner party? Who are these people? And what kind of dinner parties are these?

pajancho, pajama jeans, bad fashion, loathe, pajamas

To the left, a family pajama set, center and right, the Hoodie-Footie.

Then again, this company (called Pajamagram) also sells items like the Hoodie-Footie (see my post on the OnePiece, a very similar garment) and matching family pajama sets that include outfits for Mom, Dad, kids, dog, and cat with embroidered names. SOB. Best part? You can get a package deal of the Pajancho and a pair of PajamaJeans, which entitles you to a discount. I guess if you’re the type to wear PajamaJeans, then the Pajancho is next garment to wear on this slippery slope.

p.s. Who are the amazing copywriters who come up with these fantastic names?

p.p.s. Mom, please get us the family pajama set for Christmas, and don’t forget an oufit for Wanda.

p.p.s.s. Thanks Megan, for sending over this fantastic gem.

  • Erinnnnn

    I can think of one instance where this…thing would acceptable. Over a pair of tights on a girl who refuses to wear a long enough shirt or tunic. Still, she would be unfortunate.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Unfortunate, therefore not acceptable. These things should be burned!

  • sohhoc

    LOVE pajama jeans. Have all colors. Considering the pajancho and you’re not scaring me off.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    You must be the most fashionable person on your street…

  • sohhoc

    Indeed! You can rock practically anything when you’re confident – and you have a butt like a peach.