3 Mistakes I Made with my First Pregnancy

I’m taking a break and going on maternity leave!

Here’s my little guy, Viktor, now 18 months old, playing with his chicken friends and wearing his favourite shoes (rubber boots.)

For those of you that don’t know, I am pregnant with my second child and he/she is due in the very near future. I made a few mistakes around the time my first child was born, and I’d like to take a slightly different approach this time. (Although, I’d like many things to be the same, notably my VERY successful sleep training.)

1. I didn’t take enough time off before the baby arrived. I worked right until the end, and figured I’d get time to rest after baby was born. I was obviously completely clueless about what happens when you have a baby, because you don’t get any rest, except in hospital.

baby dior

Baby Dior for boys. They look like mini Mick Jaggers, SO cute.

2. I brought my laptop to the hospital. And I was annoyed that they didn’t have wifi. I laugh about this, it was probably the stupidest thing I’ve done in the past five years. I’m in hospital, having just given birth to my first child, and I am going to work? I THINK NOT.

3. I planned to write a book and start a new blog, in addition to maintaining most of my freelance work, this blog, and a bunch of other things during my leave. This was also quite poorly thought through, as I exhausted myself trying to do a million things instead of enjoying the time “off.” (Note, being at home with children is not “time off,” going to an office job is much, much easier.)

baby dior

Baby Dior for girls. While I think its totally unethical to spend hundreds of dollars on a dress for a young girl, I can’t help but think these are lovely.

So on that note, I am taking a break from the blog from now until the beginning of February, back in time for the fall winter 2013 fashion shows. But do not fear! There will be plenty of content coming up, I have prepared several really fun, short interviews with some amazing fashion people, and a little series called Fashion Classics which features some iconic fashion products and their history. If anything exciting happens, I will most likely be commenting about it, and I’ll also do a few reviews of the couture shows in January, so there will be a minimum of three articles a week.

Just expect a little less engagement on my Twitter, Facebook, and on the comments. I’ll also be slower to respond to Ask Alexandra letters. But don’t worry, I am still here! And I will be sure to announce the arrival, so you all know whether to send me Baby Dior for boys or girls.

And P.S. While I revel in the excitement of a new baby and the drama fun of raising a toddler, I would just like to say my heart goes out to the families of the children in Connecticut who have lost someone close to them. I really hope that the US government makes some changes to gun laws so that we don’t have to hear of another one of these shootings any time soon. And no, that does not mean licensing teachers to carry guns.

  • Amouro Jewelry

    Awww! Thank you for posting a picture of little Viktor, he is too cute for words. Enjoy your much deserved maternity leave:)

  • Erinnnnn

    Enjoy! Of course, this sucks for me as I’m here almost daily, but it’s understandable. Happiness and health to you and the new one when they arrive!

  • Vianney

    Super! Profitez bien .

  • Hamideh

    I laughed a lot when I read this post. I think, knowing you this time will be the same, except you probably take an ipad to the hospital this time and work until the very end..Wish all the best whatever happens. can’t wait to see you back!

  • AnaO

    Viktor is super cute, this post is super good, and you are super right on gun control, and Baby Dior, and everything. I wish you and your family the best Christmas ever!

  • Jill

    Your son is so adorable! I am excited for you about the new baby. I had my second baby in January too and now it is one of my favorite months of the year. I wish you all the best for labor and delivery the second time around. Let us know your good news when it happens! XO, Jill

  • Brownie

    Good advice, I’ll definitely keep that in mind :) Btw Viktor is adorable and congratulations on your upcoming baby. Meanwhile, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ahead!