The Stylish Dresser: Chunky Heel Ankle Boots


I’m really in the mood for ankle boots right now, particularly since I am living in jeans and need boots that are easy to slip on (knee-high boots always involve tugging and tucking in of jeans.) I’m also into chunky, low heels, because these types of boots are perfect for running errands, daycare drops, and shopping. If you try and do those activities in four inch stilettos, you look pretty silly (I have seen many women attempt this. Very lame.)

Simply Be has a great selection of chunky heel ankle boots, and they offer a selection of widths. I have wide feet, so this is always a bonus, but I also think it is nice to buy a little bit wide for winter so you can fit proper socks into your boot. I’m loving the idea of a chunky wool sock in one of the boots above. Combine that with a great down jacket and a slim pair of jeans and suddenly dog walking just got a lot chicer.


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