Fashion Classics: Lady Dior Bag

designer bag, lady dior, christian dior, fashion classics, fashion storiesIn 1995, France’s first lady gave Princess Diana one of Christian Dior‘s latest handbags, which would eventually become the legendary Lady Dior bag. The handbag became associated with Princess Diana as she was often photographed carrying it. In fact, the name Lady Dior was in her honor. It features is a geometric quilting pattern on the leather and the letters D, I, O, R hang off the handle as charms. Each bag requires 130 pieces of leather and takes a minimum of eight hours to make. Most recently, the Lady Dior bag was featured in a video call The Lady Noir Affair featuring Marion Cotillard.

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I am on maternity leave until the February catwalk shows. I’ll be checking in, but until I am back in action, please enjoy some little interviews with my favourite fashion folk, and a series called Fashion Classics, documenting some of the industry’s most iconic garments and accessories.

  • anya

    I never understood the popularity of this one. But great little piece of info anyways.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    I used to be obsessed with it, about 15 years ago, but not very interested now. I’m sure it will have a comeback sometime soon.