Fashion Month, Here We Go

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Blizzard Nemo is one of many reasons why I am so happy not to be in New York for fashion week.

I’m back from my very short maternity leave, just in time to cover fashion month. My first review will be published tomorrow. And after that, I’ll be returning to a somewhat normal number of posts (four or five a week) about current issues and not pre-programmed interviews. At least until July, when I’ll be taking off to Sweden on holiday for a few months, but don’t worry, I’ll be working while I am there, too.

Did you miss me?

As usual, I’ll mostly be covering the big name shows, although that does not mean I am not interested in the smaller name shows (they are often more exciting) but my time is limited and I have to be ruthless with my selections. My only exception is Victoria Beckham, she is neither a designer nor a respected brand, but I love to trash her stuff.

Lastly, before I start on New York, I just thought I’d tell you I got interviewed for one of my favourite local blogs, The Thirties Grind, which does hilarious comparisons of Vancouver real estate versus real estate in other cities (FYI for my non-local readers, Vancouver is the most expensive city in the world after Hong Kong, when you compare average house prices to average salary.) Read about me, a REAL real Housewife of Vancouver.

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  • AnaO

    Yaaay! I was really hoping you would cover the Fashion Weeks – and here you come! Thank you :)