Beauty Brief: Dr. Hauschka Illuminating Powder

dr hauschka, illuminating powder, beauty brief, natural cosmetics

I’m not a big powder person but I do like a shimmery (or in this case, illuminating) powder to highlight my cheekbones and the upper part of my eyelids. This Dr. Hauschka illuminating powder works great for this, and they recommend using it on the décolleté, too. Another great tip is to brush loose powder over your eyelids before applying makeup. It makes it easier to dust away remnants of eyeshadow (so your smokey eye doesn’t turn into raccoon eye) and it also soaks up any oil that might appear by the end of the day, which usually ruins eye makeup or smears it. And of course, Dr. Hauschka is natural and safe, which is the direction I am headed with most of my cosmetics. It’s hard to give up the chemicals in makeup because they often do the job so much better, but I am slowly working on it (and more and more great new products are coming to market), and this illuminating powder is a good start.

Suggested retail: $39. This stuff lasts for ages.