Loathe: Festival Collections

festival fashion, coachella, kate moss

Kate Moss at Glastonbury in 2005.

The concept of “festival clothing” started after Kate Moss was photographed at Glastonbury wearing denim cut offs and Hunter wellington boots in 2005. Suddenly, rubber boots became a major fashion shoe and everyone was getting on the “festival fashion” bandwagon. While festival collections do still exist in the UK, they sort of died out a few years ago, but in North America, it is a whole different story. And we have Coachella to thank for that (cue shudders here.)

festival fashion, coachella, kate moss, loathe

Guess’ festival capsule collection. Note to anyone who hasn’t been to a festival, unless you’re at Burning Man, it is highly advised not to walk around topless.

Obviously I’m anti Coachella because I like heavy metal (and their festivals) but that’s not the reason why it annoys the hell out of me. It’s the fact that the festival has become a fashion parade where every fashion or beauty related business tries to get a piece of the pie: Coachella street style! Coachella beauty trends! Hair styles for Coachella! Fashion for Coachella! And sometimes people talk about the music, too.

festival fashion, coachella, kate moss, loathe

Shopbop features the Free People festival jacket ($248, why not just go to an army surplus store and get one for $20?) and the Coachella necklace ($20), by Jules Smith.

Anyway, now that the Americans have gotten into “festival fashion” it has become BIG BUSINESS and I am getting press releases left, right, and center about festival outfits, beauty, etc… And I am bored. Not necessarily of the products themselves, but of the labeling. Not everyone is going to go to Coachella and parade around seemingly-effortless-looking outfits that took months of preparation, but a lot of us will buy a nice pair of denim shorts to go to the beach, the park, and anywhere BUT a festival. Can’t we just call it a summer collection?

In the meantime, can someone tell the organizers of rock festivals that they’d be better off, like Coachella, planning their events in places like Palm Springs and not the UK and Sweden? Then we’d be able to wear our rubber boots as fashion statements, not out of necessity.

P.S. I’m turning down the chance to go to the Paris couture shows in July because I’d rather go to a rock festivals with my girlfriends in Sweden. Have started working on my “festival outfits” already… (Not.)

Image sources: Kate Moss left, Kate Moss right, Shopbop images and Guess images courtesy of Guess.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jasperkhlam Jasper Lam

    dayum kate was soo good

  • http://www.imtheitgirl.com/ anya

    Yeah, a poor concept for a collection. Even worse? Models Off Duty collection by H&M. http://www.independent.ie/woman/revealed-hms-new-modelinspired-collection-29152146.html

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    God that makes me want to cry.

  • http://moiminnie.blogspot.com/ moiminnie

    Wait. There is a ‘models off duty’ collection? Like we can’t just throw on jeans and tees and leather jackets ourselves? I CAN’T EVEN