Beauty Brief: OPI Matte Topcoat

beauty brief, OPI, matte, topcoat, nail polishI know I always talk about nail polish, but this product is actually a really exciting development in the world of manicures. When matte polish came out, I got all excited, but quickly realized that it is not a great product. You can’t use base coat or top coat, because then it won’t be matte. As a result of that, and the matte texture, it chips and scratches like crazy. I was once advised that matte polish was good for one night out, as that’s about as long as it will last. My life does not allow for four hour manicures, so when OPI came out with their matte topcoat, I got very excited. First of all, you can use any polish and brand of polish you want underneath. And second of all, you can load up on base coat and polish. All you do as add the matte topcoat at the end, and voila! Matte nails that last days. I’m wearing a pale pink NARS pink polish – made matte with my OPI topcoat. It looks fantastic.

  • tbd61

    Ooh. Interesting. Definitely want to check this product out. Always looking for something new to do with my nails, and matte is something I haven’t tried yet. Thanks for the product tip.