Fashion Classics: Chanel 2.55

Chanel, fashion classics, designer handbags, fashion storiesThe Chanel 2.55 bag was created in 1955 (February, to be exact, that is how it got its name) and is still one of the most iconic luxury handbags. The bag is best recognized by its diamond or herringbone shaped quilting, and the pocket on the inside flap was known to be a secret place where Coco Chanel used to keep her love letters. At the time, most women carried their handbags in their hands, so the chain strap allow them to carry to bag on her shoulders. This is one of the many ways Chanel revolutionized women’s dress, including her simple, practical jersey pieces and the fact that she was an advocate of women wearing trousers. There are two versions of the lock on the 2.55, the Mademoiselle lock which has a rectangular shape, and a version with interlocking C’s. The Chanel 2.55 bag continues to be one of the best-selling handbags for the brand.

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