Loathe: Converse Well Worn Collection

I’m a huge fan of Converse’s Chuck Taylors. They are a classic, casual shoe with great history, and they go with almost anything (in fact, I am sure you could find a way to wear them well with EVERYTHING.) I own a few pairs and I wear them a lot, including a pair of tartan ones I originally acquired when I was thirteen years old. They are falling apart, but that makes them even better.

converse, loathe, shoes, high tops

I love Converse high tops, but not when they are already worn out for you.

But no matter how cool those trashed Converse are, there is absolutely nothing cool about the new Well Worn collection from Converse. Described as “a premium washed canvas that has been extensively treated to produce the perfect broken-in look. The distressed effect contributes comfort, history and character, delivering an easygoing summer feel” the collection features shoes that look “well worn.” The fact that they suggest that a machine can add “history and character” is quite distressing (pardon the pun.)

converse, loathe, shoes, high tops

Instead of buying your shoes with “dirt” on them, why not just get them dirty yourself?

And yes, I know they’ve been doing this with jeans for eons (thanks to Diesel, the ones who started this) but I am against those, too. If you want something to look worn out, wear it well. If you buy something that already has “character” added, I think you probably don’t have much character at all.