Pretty Pictures: Louis Vuitton Core Values

CoreValues.KeithIt is rare that I like a fashion campaign featuring celebrities, but Louis Vuitton’s Core Values campaigns were a major exception. After years of bright, bling-y ads featuring glamorous supermodels surrounded by bags! bags! bags! Louis Vuitton decided to change their branding to re-capture the essence of the brand. Essentially the insane number of Louis Vuitton counterfeits had somewhat devalued the brand, and so they launched Core Values a few years back to remind customers of what the brand was about: luxury, travel, and the “journey.” My personal favourite was the Keith Richards ad, which I liked even more when I found out from a group of 19-21 year old students that they didn’t like it. (This was exactly the reaction Louis Vuitton wanted, they were moving away from being a favourite brand of teens.)

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Anyway, they have recently announced that they “plan to wind down the current iteration of core-values advertising” (WWD) which I find a bit disappointing. It is rare that fashion ad campaigns can feature people like Mikhail Gorbachev and still look beautiful.

core values, louis vuitton, pretty pictures, fashion photography, fashion advertisingcore values, louis vuitton, pretty pictures, fashion photography, fashion advertising

  • Dimitar Mangalski

    I am too over the LV print and even if they change their target this won’t change the way I see it. Unfortunate, but once a mistake has been done, one like theirs (every teenage girl dreams of a LV bag), I doubt whether people will take it seriously anymore. Next generations – may be, but the onces that saw school girls with their LV bags and pink rabbit iphone cases texting their bffs – no, they wouldn’t.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    I disagree. I have some vintage Louis Vuitton luggage (trunks) and they are beautiful. Despite what the brand has become, it is still be beautiful heritage luxury brand and I don’t think that will be forgotten.

  • Susy Bustamante

    I mean I’m 21 and I think these ads are classy , they probably just want to move away from unsophisticated ones…..young people these days. hahah I’m obviously just kidding , but I do think these are very elegant and timeless.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Exactly, the unsophisticated ones :-)

  • Ona_in_Barcelona

    I just wish Annie Leibovitz would stop using Photoshop so much. Is it really so difficult to photograph two people at the same time?

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    I manage to photograph my son and daughter, both under two, frequently in the same photo. I don’t use photoshop, and they look great. You are right, I don’t know what her problem is.