Loathe: Gross, Dirty Earnest Sewn Jeans

Now that Mother’s Day product pitches have stopped coming into my inbox (well, a few brands pitched late this week – they must be the ones with disorganized PRs) it is time for the next big event: Father’s Day! And that’s how I came upon these offensive, revolting men’s jeans by Earnest Sewn, as they were pitched to me as a Father’s Day gift.

earnest sewn, jeans, distressed, premium denim, ripped jeans

Not only do these jeans look unbelievably gross, but to make things worse, they are priced at $325. I don’t know how anyone could even consider spending that amount of money on a pair of pants that look like they will stain your legs with toxic rust. They are an indication of how effed up the fashion industry has become, a sad reminder that brands can charge hundreds of dollars for disgusting jeans that look like they need to be thrown in the garbage. What’s next? Trousers that have been vomited on, for $500? Depends on who vomited on them, I guess.