Loathe: The Roitfelds for Givenchy

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When does someone actually say “Enough!” to the Roitfelds? For the past few years, Carine and her offspring have been producing tons of mediocre content and I am very over it. Carine deserves credit for her styling over the past twenty years, she did amazing things with Tom Ford and Mario Testino and for Vogue Paris, but recently, she’s churning out boring “porno-chic” content or plastering her family all over the media. The most recent is the Fall 2013 Givenchy campaign, in which Carine cast herself (yes, SHE CAST HERSELF) and her daughter. Why? Well Julia probably needs the money since her silly Mommy blog is rife with spelling errors and barely contains a shred of interesting or useful information. And Carine? Well, I guess she wants to make sure no one forgets her. And that will be impossible given the fact that she constantly shoves herself in our face.

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Speaking of the Roitfelds and Tom Ford, here are a pair of baby Tom Ford heels the designer gave to Julia when her daughter was born. I guess if your Grandma’s the founder of “porno-chic,” you are likely to be that child who is wearing slutty dresses and designer heels by the time you are four. And someone will be documenting every one of your outfits through these ugly illustrations.

P.S. I’m moving things around a bit! Beauty Brief and Pretty Pictures Columns are going to be run on Fridays instead of Mondays!

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  • Rajan Sami

    Wow. This is the most made up I’ve seen Carine, ever. Okay, that little observation aside, I must say I completely agree with you. And this is coming from a huge onetime Carine fan (Gucci, French Vogue years).

    I think this speaks to the larger issue of the fashion industry’s nepotism? As if the corporatisation of fashion wasn’t bad enough, we now have to put up with this sort of endless self-promotion.

    Its all been feeling a bit the same for many years now – the same models, same stylists, same photographers, who all go out and party together afterwards and somehow (miraculously) end up in the same magazine’s party pages. And we pay good money for this shit? The joke’s on us.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Yup, this is nepotism at its worst. And, like you say, it is the reason why so many smaller companies/talent have such a tough time breaking through because we see the same old names over and over and over again.