Love and Loathe: Emotybags

emotybags, diy, bags, love, loathe

A bag printed with what looks like a tacky stock photo is not cool.

I got a press release for Emotybags a few weeks back, and I’ve been mulling over the product for a while. This company allows you to print your own image onto a leather bag. On one hand, this is a pretty cool idea. On the other hand, it is incredibly tacky. The quality looks quite good, and the prices are not scary, but I’m just not sure this is something I’m crazy about.

emotybags, diy, bags, love, loathe

It could be nice to print an image of a landscape from a memorable holiday on a small pouch for passports and foreign currencies when you travel.

I love… the idea of printing a memorable picture onto the ‘trousse’ (the model above) as a present for Mother’s Day, your bridesmaids, or a fun birthday present. It would be great as a pencil case, makeup bag, or travel bag (for passports, currency, etc…) I also love the idea of printing something nice onto it for a young girl, but at €100 and up for a bag, this is out of range for most tweens.

emotybags, diy, bags, love, loathe

Design your own monogram? I don’t think so. And no puppy pictures on bags, please.

I loathe… the idea of printing a photo of a cute dog on a handbag. And luxury brand logos should NEVER EVER be printed on a bag, unless that bag was bought from that luxury brand (and even then, monograms are often tacky.)

What do you all think? Maybe this could be better if they did full colour printing, not just a limited colour range.

  • Liz

    I can see this becoming a fad in east asia, would sell pretty well here.

  • papergown

    I think this would be cool if you designed your own prints, or did an engineered trompe l’oeil print on the bag. Would be even better if the trims, etc. were customizable though.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Yes, I tried to put on my own print but it doesn’t allow full colour so that didn’t work too well. On that note, once they add that function, it could be quite cool.