Loathe: Rib Stain Camo

rib stain camo, t-shirt, loathe, ridiculous fashion

You know when you are eating and things get so messy you wish your t-shirt had the same print as all of the food you spilled on it? No? Me neither. And therefore I do not understand the point of Rib Stain Camo.

rib stain camo, t-shirt, loathe, ridiculous fashion

I can quite easily conjure up the scenario where this garment was invented – and it probably involved a lot of ribs, a lot of sauce, and a very messy white t-shirt. But just because you are a slob at the dinner table, does not mean you should invent a disgusting t-shirt covered in a spilled sauce print. Why can’t people just learn to eat properly and “with confidence”, without the need for a top to conceal the splatters. And by the way, what are “rib droppings?” Sounds like some kind of fecal matter.

I guess the price ($14.99) says something about the types of people who will be buying this. And am I the only one who thinks this t-shirt could also be marketed as a t-shirt for axe murderers to wear, on their way home after a kill?

  • sienna

    I confer with violent air of the t-shirts–thought they were linked to a PETA campaign before reading. Funny just yesterday we had a Ribfest here in Toronto–I was a judge–didn’t see a booth for these–don’t think they would have been a hit. Actually I can see people mailing a stack to our beloved mayor Rob Ford (if you’ve heard of him)–unfortunately he’s a subject of international mockery.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Oh I know Rob Ford. And yeah, he could use these for his rib eating and maybe the blood stains from that murdered guy in the video… Seems like Vancouver is the only big city in Canada with a decent mayor.

  • AllisonP

    Went out with a group of people the day after you posted this to a chain restaurant that was promoting their rib special. Everyone but the manager had on red shirts with white print promoting the menu item. Manager was sporting this tragic shirt, that looks even more ghastly in person. I think he brought it from his personal wardrobe as it had no restaurant branding on it!

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Wow, so people have bought this. Depressing.