Loathe: The Simpsons Converse

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Dear Converse,

I love your Chuck Taylor shoes. I have two pairs of high tops and a pair of the daintys. My husband has three pairs of your shoes, too. My kids will wear them soon. I pretty much consider your shoes to be the most iconic shoes in the world, and I assume I’ll have at least one pair on the go for the next fifty years.

But why can’t you just be satisfied to be a very cool shoe, with millions of fans? Why do you have to produce all these crappy, ugly, gimmicky collections, that devalue your brand? First there was Well Worn, which really upset me. I just found these hideous “graduation” sneakers on your site. and now there is a Simpsons collection. Remember the Simpsons? Yes, they were cool/relevant about ten years ago. Now they are yesterday’s news.

Please stop making all this crap as I am having a lot of trouble loving you right now, and I would really hate to give up my Converse. Just make your high tops, your low tops, those daintys are nice, and a few kids styles. Make them in ten colours of canvas, one or two prints, and maybe a leather. Then stop. STOP. That us enough. And we will love you forever.

Yours truly,


  • Lena

    Yup, you are totally right. But they should know better, because…who buys this shit anyways? I mean, they must know, right?? And I never ever see people wearing these.
    Whenever I go to to a store where Converse are sold, I always ALWAYS find the crappy ones (the Gorillaz ones, or the superheroes ones) in the ‘reduced price’ section.
    And you are right, these styles are no good for the brand. Because Converse is cool, they have been cool for ages, but if they keep doing this they will enter dangerous territory soon.