Beauty Brief: Jergens Natural Glow Face

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So it’s “summer” in Sweden (my Vancouver readers will know this type of summer) and most of the days the sun peaks out for a few hours, long enough to warm you up but not to the point where you jump into the lake. There’s only been a few scorchers. In my previous life, this would have meant my holiday was a complete fail, as I often did the British thing of measuring the success of the holiday by the depth of my tan.

But this year it is different. First of all, I am here for 2 months and I know there will be some hot weather. Second of all, young children + broiling hot sun = stress, even with hats, sunglasses, UV suits, and a ton of sunscreen. Thirdly, the heat means kids don’t sleep well, and sleep trumps sun during this holiday (actually, during ALL holidays.) So I am actually not that annoyed that it isn’t boiling hot, and, lastly, I’m not planning on tanning.

After reading over and over and over and over again about how suntans, even the lightest ones, are damaging to your skin, I have actually decided to stop tanning. I know I will get colour from being in the sun and chasing after kids, but I’m no longer going to bake on a recliner (I’ll be reclining in the shade, instead.) That doesn’t mean I’ve given up on the mantra of tanned fat = muscle, I still fully believe that, but I’ve decided that fake tanned fat = muscle even better than real tan. Wrinkles are so unappealing, so is sun damage and in the worst of cases, cancer, which is never, ever, ever worth a tan.

This is why Jergens Natural Glow has become an every day staple for me, and it is one of the best sunless tanners I’ve tried in a long time. Why? Firstly, it has an SPF of 20, which is always useful. Secondly, it is a gradual tanner, which means you need to apply it over three to four days before you get noticeable colour. This might sound time consuming, but it means you can’t make mistakes and end up with brown smears on your face because you didn’t apply it evenly. Also, it is slightly more natural to get a tan over a few days, right? And lastly, their new formula means no fake tan smell. I’m one of those weirdos who actually kind of likes the smell of fake tanner, but I don’t want anyone to recognize it on me.

Their body range has a lot of the same benefits. $12.99 at most drugstores. And remember, tanned fat = muscle.