Press Release of the Month: Love’s Beating Heart

This is a new column where I can share some of the GEMS I get into my inbox. When a PR person sends me information about something utterly ridiculous, I either delete or write a “loathe” feature. This column is for the items or stories that are beyond a “loathe,” the items are just so crazy they get the award of… press release of the month.

press release of the month

The covers of this author’s books sure are…tantalizing. They look like they’ve been designed on PowerPoint.

Subject Line: Love’s Beating Heart: Author who Survived Abortions Speaks Out, Announcing New Pro-Life Young Adult Novel

The Product: A pro-life adventure-romance novel. (This is no joke, people.)

The Details: While many know Stephanie Parker McKean for her Christian mystery-romance-suspense novel, ‘Bridge to Nowhere’, (Um, no, I didn’t read this Christian mystery novel…) few are aware that as a teen she was held as a sex slave and impregnated twice. Both times, her attacker heated knitting needles over a camp stove in the woods and aborted the babies by poking her until she almost bled to death. McKean now regrets the abortions and mourns the loss of her unborn children. (I think this is a bit TMI for a press release about a young adult novel, no?)

‘Love’s Beating Heart’ finds two sisters embarking on different and equally dangerous adventures. Non-Christian Cat flees abuse from her boyfriend and is rescued by a Christian family. (“Rescued”? Hmm…) She thinks they are crazy, but decides she would like to subtract Sky from his family and add him into her life. Younger sister Dena runs away from home to protect a pregnant friend who must decide if abortion – or adoption – is the right option for her. The best friends get swept into a wild river, ‘Huckleberry Finn’ type adventure, meeting dangerous wildlife – and equally dangerous humans along the way. (I am presuming these “dangerous humans” are the ones who are pro-choice.)

My Thoughts: While her personal story does sound gruesome, her experience DOES NOT position her to counsel other people on whether to abort or not. She should be counseling rape victims not young girls who are pregnant! Anyway, the idea of a “pro-life adventure-romance novel” is not only ridiculous, but totally against all my values. I would NEVER EVER EVER promote anything pro-life, although I would happily make fun of it, hence this blog post.

Ridiculousness Score: 10/10. A pro-life romance-adventure novel is…beyond. And the PR who sent is over clearly did not do her homework about me!


  • Yaas

    I can not imagine why would a woman denies a basic right like abortion. Taking pills, using condoms and … are serving the same purpose, albeit in the earlier stages. But then these are the same ones who were protesting any kind of prevention at some point.

    She has had horrible abuse experiences and given the trauma she has been through, seeking help is the only way to go . Also with her pro-life opinions, she needs a serious one.

    Some people do not live in this century since they set their values on 1500, 2000 or 3000 years ago.

    Thanks Alexandra for speaking out.

  • Jasper

    i am intrigued. i want to read this now.. COVER ART TERRIBLE? OR INTENTIONALLY CLEVER IRONY. (jk)

  • Ana O

    This sounds so ridiculous that I almost want to read it. But I won’t because, like you, I wouldn’t give a penny for anything “pro-life.”

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Yeah, I couldn’t even bring myself to request a press copy because then I’d have to file the follow up emails.