Loathe: SPairz

No, that was not a typo. SPairz is spelled with a capital S and P. And that is the first thing wrong with this product.

spairz, panties, loathe

SPairz are shrink-wrapped cotton panties that fit into your purse and are the size of a pack of gum. Meant to be carried around as an emergency pair of knickers, they are being toted as “The Ultimate Solution to Life’s Unexpected Moments.” If the ultimate solution to life’s unexpected moments was a pair of shrink wrapped briefs, then I think life would be pretty boring.

I guess the worst aspect of SPairz (aside from their logo, branding, website, and shape of the actual panties – the worst cut pair of underwear in the entire world) is that most of us have probably wished we’d had a pair of SPairz at some moment in our lives. But the act alone of carrying them implies you might end up a situation where you’d need them (morning-after walk of shame comes to mind…) and therefore you can’t bring yourself to have a pair in your bag. Preparedness is not always a good thing. Nor are products whose name end in the letter “z.”

  • Briana

    They might be good for travelling? If you were delayed at an airport for a really long time without your luggage and you needed a spare change of underwear it would be handy.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Yes, agree that would be a good idea. Maybe they should sell them in airports. But totally re-brand the product first :-)

  • Chris L

    The packaging design looks like a card that might be left in a doctor’s waiting room for an anorexia support group.