Loathe: The ZOOOPY

onesie, loathe, zooop, yoga, tacky clothing

“Ever wonder what it would feel like to wear a hug?” No. Because I like my hugs to come from people, and I don’t ever want to dress like a hug.

I used to say I don’t trust fashion items that end with a “Z” (Tukz and Sagz come to mind) but I think it is important for me to point out that any fashion items that have three “O”s in a row are also totally unacceptable. I present to you the ZOOOPY, a fleece (I HATE fleece), hooded onesie – with a tacky print.

onesie, loathe, zooop, yoga, tacky clothing

Unlike its sister products, the Pajancho, the ZOOOPY is quite expensive, ranging from $150-$200. Who the heck pays $200 for a product who claims to take you “from downward dog into the urban jungle?” No item of clothing should ever do that. You should change between yoga class and activities in the city.

onesie, loathe, zooop, yoga, tacky clothing

And the scariest part of the “ZOOOP” is that it is a suggested travel garment which allows you to “go from airplane to en plein air with class. With five secure pockets the travel ZOOOP turns traveling into a hands free experience. Simply stow your ID, tickets, and munchies in your ZOOOP’s compartments for a flight sans stress.” Why don’t you just stick a sign around your neck that says “I do not want an upgrade.” Because there is no chance in hell you’ll be getting one wearing a ZOOOPY.

Thanks Maria for sending this over.

  • DiorJa Dore

    You obviously never wore one even less so while traveling… People find it fun, unusual and surely interesting (liking it or not people talk about it). It is extremely comfortable and very convenient for many occasion. I love my little black dresses and upscale event where I dress up too nevertheless when I take it all off, my ZOOOP just does it.
    Your comment are quite harsh and negative… Feel sorry for you and your lifeless sleep shirts. Whoever is confident and want to wear really different things… I strongly suggest you guys to try them out. Celebrities are wearing them too… Try must do something right.

  • kippy

    for those of us that can afford a hermes bag (the ones you covet but will never own)…we experince the freedom of doing what we want. i wear my zooopitup any time i feel like and people stop me in my tracks wanting to know where they can purchase one. girl put a little
    fun i your life.

  • kazoo

    awesome. an adult-sized babygro. I’ve been slightly jealous of my 8-month old for ages. but do they have the essential crotch-buttons for when you have a messy crap?

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Actually, I do own an Hermes bag. And that’s great that people stop you in your tracks to ask you where you got your Zooopy – but it is probably because they want to make sure to avoid that store like the plague. The freedom of doing what you want is also the right to be able to write about clothing you think is tacky, on your own blog.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    No, I certainly have not worn one while traveling, because I don’t believe in wearing onesies, ever. And yes, my comments are harsh and negative, but that is sometimes what my blog is about, and I have fun writing it.
    P.S. “Celebrities are wearing them too” does nothing to sell the product. Celebrities also wear leggings as pants and Ugg boots, and that doesn’t make them ok.

  • DiorJa Dore

    Alex you do not have to “believe” in wearing them… It’s not a cult nor a religion… Just an apparel, it’s there, you just do not like it. It is simply a matter of opinion. Just like legging and uggs… Many high fashion ladies amongst us do wear them and find an appropriate time to wear them.
    And before writing a blog in anything, trying or experiencing what you are talking about might just give you some credibility…. Just a thought 😉
    Enjoy your day.

  • Gman

    I LOVE my future Zooop suit. A friend of mine bought two and let me borrow it for a trip to NC a week ago. I finally put my order in for a black one and should be here within the next week. Why be normal…and who cares what people think. For me it’s all about the comfort and not about looks.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Yes, it is opinion. And my blog is about MY opinion. I think these are tacky, sorry if I have offended you, but I don’t like it when people wear fleece onesies, unless they are under the age of 2.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    “For me it’s all about the comfort and not about looks.” I suppose we have nothing in common, then. And I don’t know why you are commenting on a fashion blog.

  • Allison P

    Per usual, I agree with your point of view & LOVE the way you have communicated it! That includes, posting the comments of those who wish to defend the Zooopy. Their comments support your point of view & make for some entertaining fodder!
    Note – If one travelled in this thing the hood would sop up that dirty mess on the floor of the plane’s tiny toilet…..perfect, please wear your Zooopy in there…..I’ll let you cut in line in front of me!

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Haha! Thanks :-)

  • Abby

    WOW I can’t believe that these monstrosities are being so vehemently defended! Takes all kinds to make the world go ’round I guess… And some of those people are just horribly, horribly attired.

  • Teagon

    Hi where can i order it? Thank you.