Love: Reiss

reiss, kate middleton, british fashion, dresses, fall
I’m not one to follow brands that Kate Middleton wears, but I’ve been a fan of Reiss since I lived in England. It is one of those brands that makes really nice dresses, at decent price points. Decent being not cheap (nice fabrics, manufactured in Europe, great fits) but not super pricey (dresses cost from about $200 to $400.) It means if you wear a Reiss dress, chances are you won’t see anyone else wearing it (unless it is one that Kate Middleton wore.) Any while fit, quality and materials are important, the thing I really love about Reiss is that the designs are fashionable modern classics. That is such a cliché way to describe a brand, but in this case, it is true – in a good way.
reiss, kate middleton, british fashion, dresses, fallreiss, kate middleton, british fashion, dresses, fall

  • Wear Those Deals

    Agreed. Lovely classic designs.

  • Gal About Montreal

    Gorgeous! love love love

  • Anthony

    Oh thank you so much for this. I’ve actually worked at Reiss for almost two years and it is such an underrated label here in the states. Just about everything in the store is beautiful and extremely flattering. I would even say that it’s the true “bridge” label on the market!