5 Thoughts on the Curvy Women vs Karl Lagerfeld Lawsuit

Karl Lagerfeld, lawsuit, fat girls, overweight, fashion quote, fashion lawsuits

Remember when Karl Lagerfeld was fat?

A French association of women called Belle, Ronde, Sexy et Je M’assume (pretty, curvy, sexy, and fine with it) is suing Karl Lagerfeld for discriminatory comments. He’s made several public statements about his dislike of overweight women, and the association’s president is saying “We’re fed up. Many young girls are insecure and hearing such comments is terrible for them.” They aren’t actually asking for any money, they just want to confront him. Wouldn’t that be fun to see? Here are some thoughts.

1. I’m glad someone is confronting Lagerfeld. A lot of rubbish comes out of his mouth, and I think it is high time someone call him out for it – in the public space.

Karl Lagerfeld, lawsuit, fat girls, overweight, fashion quote, fashion lawsuits

No matter how much weight the man has lost, these images will never disappear.

2. He is kind of a hypocrite. He used to be fat. But then he lost all the weight to fit into Dior Homme suits, and now he is walking around telling others to do the same?

3. The health vs. weight issue should be discussed. Lagerfeld practically lives on a diet of Diet Coke, and that really is not healthy. He is seventy something, so at this stage, I doubt he cares that much about the potential long term effects of aspartame, but since he is so obsessed with beauty, it is kind of ironic that he doesn’t endorse a somewhat healthy diet. Thin might be associated with beauty, but health is a key component, too. Most of the best looking people in the world eat heathily (except during catwalk season, if you are model) because they know that good looks do partially come from within (in a literal way.)

Karl Lagerfeld, lawsuit, fat girls, overweight, fashion quote, fashion lawsuits

And really, who cares about his weight? Let’s discuss his hair.

4. By launching this lawsuit – Lagerfeld is only getting more column inches. And remember, no press is bad press. I don’t think this lawsuit is going to result in any positive action, and, if he wants to insult fat people – let him. I’ve said many times before that I feel the fashion industry gets unfairly blamed for eating disorders, when really it is Hollywood and celebrity culture that are the main problems. You don’t see fashion magazines with covers that talk about who looked fat on the beach, do you? And let’s face it, most of the Western world could do with a little pressure to lose some weight. Obesity is a much more serious issue right now than people who are too thin.

5. The lawsuit sounds like a big waste of time. According to Fashionista (and a professional lawyer, Elie Mystal), the “frivolous lawsuit is just a plea for media attention, the Belle Ronde people aren’t even suing for money. Instead, all they want is the chance to ‘respond to and confront’ Lagerfeld over the comments. That’s not a legal action, that’s an episode of Oprah.” On that note, if they are doing it to recruit more members and bring more attention to their association (which is most likely their primary aim), then I believe they have succeeded.

Read more on this lawsuit from The Cut and Business Insider. Photos of Karl Lagerfeld fat came from The Fashion Spot.

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  • Ona_in_Barcelona

    Bloody bravo for finding the worst photos of him, haha!

  • Chris Chouinard

    This article could be summarized as: “good for these fatties for speaking up because look at what a fatty lagerfeld used to be but it’s not fashion’s fault for making young fatty girls feel bad because other people do it too plus aren’t we being honest with these young fatties because obesity is so high and clearly we have nothing at all to do with that because remember we encourage eating disorders and that has nothing to do with them being fatties.”