Press Release of the Month: Poo Pourri

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Poo~Pourri actually has a product called Trap-A-Crap. Yikes.

Subject Line: Thought You Might Like This….. (Really? Why did you think I would like this crap – pardon the pun – because it is not really in line with ANYTHING I EVER BLOG ABOUT)

The Product: Poo~Pourri, a toilet bowl spray to get rid of bathroom odours. (Any products with the word “poo” in the title are bad news, as far as I’m concerned.)

The Details: When it’s time to use the loo, there is only one Before-You-Go bathroom spray (Yes, there IS really only one Before-You-Go bathroom spray – because no one else makes one – it’s a ridiculous product) that is specially tailored to put bad odors in their place. Poo~Pourri (didn’t the whole pot pourri trend end about fifteen years ago? It is the kind of thing sixty year olds have sitting around their house in antique dishes.) has what it takes to tame even the mightiest of bathrooms and leave it smelling like roses thanks to its special formula of natural essential oils.

When used before a bowel movement by simply spritzing into the toilet, poopourri creates a boundary on the top layer of the toilet water. This boundary prevents odors from ever leaving the toilet creating a much more pleasant bathroom experience for you and anyone around.. Not only are these sprays a chemical-free stench eradicator (“stench eradicator” – great wording) for the whole family, but they’re also safe on the porcelain throne and all its pipes, lines, and septic tanks. (Ok, so I’m presuming this is useful for when you have guests, but what are you going to do? Accost them on the way to the bathroom, ask them if they are going to be having a poo, and then instruct them to spray the toilet bowl with Poo~Pourri beforehand, to eradicate the stench? Oh yes, that’s super classy and won’t embarrass your guests AT ALL.)

Founder and aromatherapy specialist Suzy Batiz launched the Poo~Pourri brand in 2007, and has since transformed the $25K start up into a $8M enterprise boasting over 60 different products being sold in five countries. (An $8M dollar empire?!?! Clearly I am in the wrong business.)

My Thoughts: If this was marketed as a bathroom spray, I would have dismissed it as I normally would products like this. But the name Poo~Pourri, with the swirly hyphen, is absolutely absurd. Maybe in someone’s world, this product is a good idea, but not in mine. I prefer Diptyque candles in my bathroom, thanks.

Ridiculousness Score: 7/10. The product itself might not be such a bad thing, but the problem here is the name and the process in which this product needs to be used. It is RIDICULOUS. (And P.S., they also have a product called Trap a Crap in their range. NO JOKE.)