Fashion Quote: Simon Doonan on Awards Ceremonies

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“Charlize Theron at the Sean Penn 3rd Annual Help Haiti Home Gala” Is this news, people?!?!

Simon Doonan is the Creative Ambassador at Barneys and he said he was watching football on Sunday night, not the Golden Globes. He then had some very interesting things to say about celebrities and their red carpet gowns. These interview quotes came from The Cut.

The Cut: [You’re] Not a gown person; not an awards-show person. During Fashion Week, do you check out when there are gowns coming down the runway?

Simon Doonan: See, to me, fashion is people like Martin Margiela, Dries Van Noten, Stella — it’s creative people — Gaultier, Comme des Garçons, just not gowns. To me, fashion is not gowns. It can be gowns, I suppose, but it doesn’t begin and end with gowns. I think it’s a bit strange that with most people, their understanding of fashion is all celebrities and gowns. And that’s a shame, because they don’t really know the Balenciaga, Dior — that wasn’t their main focus.”

I couldn’t agree more with this statement and this is one of the reasons why I discourage my fashion design students from designing full length evening wear. Gowns are not real life clothing, and gowns are very rarely incredible fashion creations, they are usually silly strapless dresses we see on the red carpet.

celebrity fashion, red carpet, celebrity designer, awards shows, lea seydoux

“Lea Seydoux Wears Miu Miu at the 2014 EE Rising Star Award Photocall” WHO CARES.

Simon Doonan: “Really, I don’t understand how people can get it up for gowns. It’s highly paid actors wearing free clothes that are given to them. And they’re the only people on earth who really need to buy gowns (and actually need to buy and have the money), but they get them for free — illogical — and [are] representing brands in a way which is not particularly representative of a brand. It’s very hard to tell who did what dress, because actors all want them to be very simple because they don’t want to be made fun of in the blogosphere.”

Also SO true. If celebrities all had to buy their own gowns, and weren’t being coerced or bribed by the big fashion brands, then I’ll bet we’d see a lot more interesting pieces on the red carpet. It takes so much to surprise people these days, and that’s because the red carpets have gotten so boring. And don’t get me started on the celebrities getting everything for free, it is ridiculous and Doonan is right, they are the people who can actually afford the clothes. Want to know how we can put an end to this? STOP buying magazines and reading blogs that glorify celebrities on the red carpet. STOP buying celebrity “designed” collections. And STOP buying stuff that you saw on a celebrity.

That’s not very hard, is it?

Images and captions from Fashion Gone Rogue.