Loathe: Festival Style (Part 2)

festival fashion, coachella, loathe

Here are some of the items of clothing that could fit in with a “Winter Festival Fashion” story. SIGH.

This is a continuation of an article I wrote in March called Loathe: Festival Collections. I got a press release this month promoting “Winter Music Festival Style.” So apparently it isn’t good enough that our inboxes are stuffed full of music festival style press releases in the three months before and after Coachella, but now we have to deal with festival style in the winter, too.

Are publicists and brands so desperate for angles that they’ve resorted to pitching outfit ideas for festivals called “Brrrr!” (whose line up includes 11 artists I have never heard of)? The release featured fur lined boots and slippers, sweaters, winter coats, and handbags with fringes. I can think of a few pitches that are a lot less nausea-inducing than music festival style (how about “staying warm during the polar vortex,” “winter knits,” “accessories that will carry through until summer.”)

I hate it when this kind of thing gets shoved into my face. Yes, I know it is the job of the publicist to pitch angles rather than just plain old product, but winter festival fashion is just clutching at straws. And by the way, I got my first Coachella pitch earlier this week. So it begins…