Loathe: Kimye on the Cover of Vogue

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I wasn’t going to even bother writing about this disappointing cover but since one of my main loathes in life is the fact that trashy celebrities have infiltrated the fashion world – it would be kind of weird for me to ignore this. So here is my opinion: this sucks. But it isn’t surprising and it kind of makes me a bit happy because it will be a wake up call to the people that still have hope for American Vogue to simply give up. For me, the high end glossy magazines used to represent style and class. I used to flip through the American and French versions of the top fashion magazines and immerse myself in glamour, beautiful clothing, and impeccably dressed women who were style icons, stunning beauties, or women to look up to. Now we get Kim Kardashian (and last month we got Rihanna – another great role model. Not.)

The worst part is that this will most likely be one of Vogue’s best selling issues because Kimye’s millions of fans are all going to rush out and buy it. Which in turn will remind the magazines that the best way to sell issues is to put a trashy celebrity on the cover. I know magazines are a business and their goal is to sell copies, but not at the expense of damaging the brand. Too late for Vogue, I guess.

Don’t get me wrong, when someone gives me a copy of Vogue I always flip through it. And as a consumer (because “industry me” looks at magazines for different reasons) I would still enjoy seeing the brands they profile and the clothing they feature. But I’d look at it the same way as I would look at Lucky – which is unabashedly a shopping magazine and doesn’t even try and be the publication that commands respect or demands true authority from its readers. The fashion glossies are no longer that, and they have failed to be for many years. Want to see the newest collections, some great clothes, and a few good beauty tips? Read them. Want an authoritative publication that will guide you on how to live a stylish, prosperous, respectable life? Don’t even bother picking up a mainstream glossy fashion magazine. Unless your idea of a stylish, prosperous, respectable person is Kim Kardashian.

P.S. Lisa Tant (one of the few glossy magazine editors I truly respect) tweeted about Harper Bazaar’s latest issue which featured both the cover lines “Fabulous at Every Age” and “Look Younger Instantly” on their age issue. Another example of how stupid these magazines are.

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  • Rajan Sami

    This was one occasion where I had to put aside my own (fashion) prejudices and admit this is a beautiful photograph of a beautiful biracial couple. It is definitely more representative the United States today and speaks to where popular culture is at this point in time. Of course, our fascination with celebrity is nothing new — the only difference is talent is no longer a prerequisite for fame in these times. For me, this cover is more than the sum of its parts —it’s a welcome affront to the whitewashed high fashion glossies, and for that I love it even more.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    I agree that it is good to show biracial couple, but I don’t think that Vogue needs to bow down to popular culture and feature celebrities of this sort. Colour of their skin should come secondary to their accomplishments and while Kanye may be considered a talented musician by some, Kim Kardashian has not acquired her fame by doing anything of worth, and therefore does not belong here.

  • Daniel Sanjuan

    ” Their fashionable life and surreal times” … such a boring title. It’s sad to see how vogue is trying to sell magazines showing people like Kim that to be honest, is known for nothing important.

  • Inés Cruz

    I couldn’t agree more. I was SO disappointed with this cover. I can admit she has a sales potential talent, but outside that, Vogue should aspire for more.

  • Rajan Sami

    You make some very valid points. Somehow I don’t remember there being as much fuss made about the Melania Knauss Vogue cover in 2005. Her main accomplishment at the time was marrying Donald Trump. Granted that was almost 10 years ago and social media wasn’t as prevalent as it is today. But one could argue that they’ve made many questionable cover choices over the years, replacing models with not very talented actresses. It begs the question, what is so polarizing about Kim and Kanye? W magazine (also Conde Nast) had previously run a Kim cover but what about this one has really ruffled feathers? What about American Vogue makes it such as untouchable cultural icon – only befitting a select few (usually thin, white, rich and blonde).

    Believe me when I say, I am not a Kardashians fan, nor do I care for the values promoted by reality TV shows (like the Kardashians, Real Housewives, etc) but perhaps we are at a juncture in American culture where celebrity is not only enough, it is the end goal and with it comes the promise of riches. Could this be the new American Dream? And what has Vogue really come to signify but the celebration of excess? So perhaps the two are not so misaligned after all.

    Having said all of that, to me it is still a beautiful photograph.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    You are right – and a celebration of excess couldn’t be better represented than by these two people. This is the new American dream, and I guess it is also just really depressing when you realize that there are millions of people that aspire to be like these two.