Loathe: Rip Off Jeans

I was looking around on Net A Porter the other day and I was pretty disgusted when I realized that the massively overpriced denim market is still going strong. I hoped this had died out when Balmain lost its hype, but apparently not.

denim, jeans, overpriced, rip off, Pucci, Junya Watanabe

Left to right: ugly ripped jeans from Emilio Pucci for $990, jeans that looks like they’ve been patched by a home sewer from Junya Watanabe for $800, and gross, dirty denim from R13 for $595.

I understand that people think you need to spend a bit of money on jeans to get good ones. The fit and fabric are important. And while I personally won’t (Cheap Monday is my brand of choice), I don’t despair when I see denim priced at $200 a pair. But when we are seeing price tags upwards of $500 for jeans that are hideously tacky or simply quite plain, I get confused.

denim, jeans, overpriced, rip off, Isabel Marant, alexander mcqueen, saint laurent

Left to right: tacky patchwork jeans from Alexander McQueen for $645, jeans that look identical to Cheap Monday but are ten times the price – Saint Laurent for $650, and Isabel Marant white jeans for $765.

Do people who buy this stuff ever think about how absurd it is? Do they ever question the price tag – and whether there is any value in the product? Or do they just buy them up, presuming that a higher price and a fancy brand name means a better product? It’s confusing, and a bit sad, that brands still rip up jeans and then charge close to a thousand dollars. How many pairs of $500 jeans did you see at Coachella last weekend?

P.S. If you bought these six pairs of jeans, it would cost you $4,445. You can get an Hermès Evelyne III bag for $3,240. Just sayin’.