Love: The Blaise Boot

ugg boots, boot, fashion, love
I never thought I would ever post something nice about an Ugg boot but my life in the Swedish countryside has forced me to rethink my wardrobe. I’m in and around the house most of the day, and when I pop outside, it is either to play with the kids in the yard, run an errand, or walk the dog. It doesn’t rain much here, so I don’t need rainboots, and I am desperate for something comfortable that I can slip on and off. I love that these boots are warm and they look like biker boots. Yes, I know that the diamantes are a tad on the tacky side but since I’m living in a town of less than 20 people with average age of 60, it doesn’t really matter if my boots have a bit of bling.

ugg boots, boot, fashion, love

I guess country life has changed me a bit! Or maybe it is just April Fools 😉

In case you are wondering, here is what I am really wearing every day in the countryside, and to be honest, I’d rather walk barefoot in subzero temperatures than put an Ugg boot on my foot.

  • thestylinguy

    I almost thought that hell had frozen over and my favourite blogger had turned to the dark side! Haha… You almost got me!

  • Jennifer Tammy

    Oh, thank goodness… I almost didn’t read the whole post I thought you had lost it.

  • jasper

    omg that was the best april fool’s joke i’ve heard ALL DAY

  • Jordan

    I almost, almost had a heart attack reading this. Alexandra Isenberg in UGG Boots?! Hell, has officially frozen over. Thank god this is an April Fools! Phew!