Press Release of the Month: Crop Topping for Coachella

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Subject Line: Crop Topping for Coachella (I’m hard pressed to think of a worse festival fashion press release email subject line.)

The Product: I hope you feel inspired with outfit ideas for Coachella! (This is quite obviously a festival fashion/Coachella pitch, and I suppose there is nothing wrong with pitching crop tops since apparently they are in fashion.  But, like many PRs, this one didn’t bother to read my website and learn that I loathe crop tops, Coachella, and festival fashion.)

The Details: “With Coachella around the corner, I wanted to share some Crop Topping with Coachella looks.” (Since when is crop topping a verb? I’m trying to think of some other ways to put the verb ‘crop topping’ into a sentence. “I saw a girl crop topping with a flabby stomach and I threw up a bit into my mouth.” Or, “Crop topping is only legal if you are on the beach, next to a pool, under the age of twenty, or on stage.”)

“When the sun goes down and the parties start, Cover your crop and go with an effortlessly chic look.” (I guess this PR also missed the day at school when they taught you not to capitalize the word after a comma.)

My Thoughts: Despite the poor grammar and Coachella theme, this release would not have made it onto this column if it weren’t for the TERRIFYING (and totally pixelated) images included in the release. This girl looks like she needs to be transported to the nearest eating disorder unit and put into acute care. Or maybe she has just spent a week in the desert, “crop topping it” and had no access to food or water.

Ridiculousness Score: 5/10. This isn’t nearly as bad as the handgun handbag or the pro-life adventure romance novel, but if I ever see the words “crop topping” in my inbox again, well, I think I will throw up. Ironically, if I throw up enough, I might just be thin enough to start “crop topping” too.

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    After all this time, I just realized that your post has given me something to learn about Business Communication. Thank you so much!