Loathe: Overdoing Resort


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Resort 2015: Left, Louis Vuitton, and right, Chanel. I hope the show venues were nicer than the clothes.

My longtime readers will know that I don’t cover Resort shows because I can’t handle doing catwalk coverage more than four times a year. However, it is impossible to avoid reading about them, as it seems like they have become more than shows – they are extravaganzas. Chanel did a massive show in Dubai, Louis Vuitton was in Monaco, and while Dior’s was in Brooklyn – they spent a week building the elaborate stage.

I know luxury brands spend crazy amounts of money on marketing, but right now these massive shows make me sick. Maybe it’s the minimalist in me, but it seems so ridiculous to put on these events, not only for the expense and resources, but the fact that it highlights how much money these companies make. If they can fly hundreds of people across the world for a fashion show, how much profit is on that bottle of perfume you are buying? Wouldn’t it be nicer if brands were regulated on matters like this – limited on the amount of money they can spent on marketing? Then, the products would have to speak for themselves. A shocking thought, but one worth considering.

Images from Style.com.

  • R.S.

    This is something that I get upset about too. I think I read once that Lanvin is one of the few remaining brands for whom apparel remains the major source of revenue, I’ve not heard of many others. But then again the world is no longer willing to embrace fashion as it has in previous decades. Everyone just wears tees and jeans, and spends the rest of their money on flashy accessories.

  • John

    Two words: Fashion burnout.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Yup, it is kind of a sad state of affairs. Fashion isn’t about clothing, it is about perfume, bags, and sunglasses.

  • Disappointed W.

    As it is they’re really struggling with the quality of the resort collections anyway.