No, You Can’t Wear Sweatpants to Work.

I am infuriated when I read a headline like “You Can Get Away With Wearing Sweatpants to Work” (The Cut.) Unless you are a personal trainer, you cannot EVER wear sweatpants to work. Even if they are by a “super cool” overhyped brand.

sweatpants, work clothes, bad style, fashion faux pas

No matter how good the styling, sweatpants are never ok at work.

I know it is just a headline written to get attention, but I think it is irresponsible to be promoting this type of behaviour. The collection they are referring to is Madewell Fall 2014 (see photos above.) The model doesn’t look disgusting. But guess what? She is a model. And they normally have to work very, very hard to look disgusting. Some stylish people may be able to get away with these outfits without looking like slobs, however, it is about the principle. Sweatpants cannot be hidden with blazers, cool tees, or model bodies – they are still sweatpants. And they have no place in the world outside of a gym or home.

sweatpants, work clothes, bad style, fashion faux pas,

Left, Anya Rubik shot by Street Peeper and right, photo by The Sartorialist. Both look hideous in sweatpants.

I tried to buy a pair last year and it was an epic fail. I read a million reviews and found what appeared to be a slim pair which I wanted to wear after dinner while doing my stretches on the floor. Leggings were annoying me and I refuse to wear yoga pants anywhere except the gym. The pair I bought looked hideous in real life (they were not slim, they were baggy and gross and unflattering), so I sold them the next day on Facebook for one fifth of the price I paid. WASTE OF MONEY.

Which is a lesson for all of us non-model people. Sweatpants are a bad idea. Unless you are fine to look like a slob who doesn’t care how they dress, then they should be avoided. Even Anya Rubik, a supermodel, looks crappy in hers (above.) They aren’t ok for work, for coffee, or for the park (unless you are sprinting) and they should not be worn with anything but trainers. Whether they are made of terry, silk, or leather (all equally hideous), sweatpants are bad news for all. Right up there with yoga pants, Uggs, and Crocs.

  • miss agnes

    You are so right. I am so happy I found your blog, and to find more common sense here than is now displayed and splashed all over the fashion magazines. I work in downtown Montreal, close to the McGill campus, and see my share of sweatpants on the students in the street. It NEVER flatters anyone.

  • Deaner

    I think you are uptight anyway. So yes, you should stick with your uptight clothing.