Press Release of the Month: The Fashion Doctor

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The fashion doctor is in the house.

Subject Line: The Fashion Doctor is In The House. (First thoughts – this is a release for some sort of wardrobe consultant or stylist.) Simple trick to look like a big bucks fashionista without breaking the bank. (I’ve received two press releases on this subject – this was the second subject line. So, who wants to look like a big bucks fashionista?)

The Product: This is where it gets strange – the release is actually promoting a blogger and her blog. I’m presuming the aim is to get me to write about her and her “tips.”

Her blog is and here’s how they describe her:

Not every woman is fortunate enough to have a walk in closet the size of those shown on “MTV Cribs” or “The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.” … Dr. Ngozi Etufugh is a Manhattan Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon who has a ‘passion for fashion’ and can be seen strutting the streets of Manhattan in everything from Chanel, Zara, H&M, Top Shop, and Christian Dior…Here she shares her “closet confidential” that can take any woman from frumpy to fierce.

(Ok. She is a surgeon and she has hired a PR company to send out press releases about her fashion blog? Bizarre. Isn’t she making enough money fixing mouths? Or does she want to change careers and follow her “passion for fashion…” I wonder if her surgical practice’s reputation might get hurt if she sends out releases about how she “struts the streets” and can give out tips to get from “frumpy to fierce? I’d rather my surgeon stick to surgery, and not try to be a professional fashionista on the side. And can we talk about her photos? I mean… is this person qualified to give style advice IF THIS IS HOW SHE DRESSES?!?!)

blogger, fashion doctor, press release of the month, bad style, worst outfit

I don’t think someone that wears bathing suit bottoms as street clothes is qualified to give style advice.

The Details: (This is the best part – here are some of her fashion and style tips.)

“Paring tube socks with an old pair of Uggs or casual boot gives it a fresh sporty sexy look. Choose colors that compliment your outfit. Contrast soft feminine pieces against the masculine tube socks.” (Um – a surgeon who wears Ugg boots with tube socks? Please. No.)

All things being equal I would love to buy every inch of a collection I love, however I settle for getting an example by buying the bathing suits from the collection which represent the collection look. Pair it as a body suit with an A-line skirt, with shorts or pants it becomes a blouse. If the cut is that of a boy cut it can be worn as a playsuit or romper with or without a jacket. (One: a bathing suit is NEVER a blouse. Two: Wearing a bathing suit as a romper with a jacket as street clothes is NOT OK.)

“Place designer cosmetic product cases, lipstick, blush etc. in a clear clutch or bag to serve as a vignette and by association the bag will look as if it belongs to that designer.” (So does this mean if I put my Maybelline mascara in a clear bag, then people will think – “by association” – that I have a Maybelline brand bag? And are we that desperate to show off labels that we are resorting to using our eye shadow palette as a way to prove we have designer stuff? This is very, very sad.)

And one of her wardrobe must-haves…

Black Leggings: Whether you wear them as pants with an oversize sweater, under billowy dresses for extra coverage, or sexy tops, black leggings are a must-have. (Leggings ARE NOT PANTS.)

blogger, fashion doctor, press release of the month, bad style, worst outfit

Would you feel comfortable with this person doing surgery on you? I know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but…

My Thoughts: Lady, stick to your day job. Your eclectic style might appeal to a (small) number of people, but you are not in the position to be doling out style advice. Also, surgeons made more money that fashion bloggers.

Ridiculousness Score: 9/10. I could have dealt with the crappy style tips by just deleting them from my inbox, but the way this woman dresses… it is just… beyond ridiculous. Imagine walking down the street and running into your doctor posing like this for their blog? Imagine walking down the street and running ANYONE posing like this for their blog? It is so, so wrong.

All images from and all tips by Dr. Ngozi Etufugh.

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  • Raven Moore

    In a bizarre way, I can KIND OF understand what she’s doing. It’s like she’s trying to create high fashion looks…on the street. However, even though high fashion looks are interesting and beautiful by themselves, they usually have high production values (exotic locations, stunning photography, great models, etc.). However, it’s like she’s trying to translate these high fashion looks into something as street wearable and “normal”…and they are not (nor are they are meant to be). I honestly can’t believe this woman actually dresses this way for real (for the blog or otherwise), or at least I hope not.

  • Alicia

    Absolutely one of the most hilarity inducing, absurd press releases yet. Thank you for a fantastic belly laugh

  • Erinnnnn

    Surgeon =/= model
    Blogger =/= model
    This is so awkward. It’s like that time Heidi Montag released a pop album. Just because someone can afford to do something doesn’t mean they should. I akin her posts to throwing sh*t at a wall and hoping something sticks (“Cool girls wear fanny packs” anyone?)

  • miss agnes

    Eerrr, is this a gigantic joke? Looks like it. She’s a surgeon like I’m a first class violonist. Seriously. Anyway you gave me a good laugh. Bottom line I don’t follow blogs presenting such repulsive pictures. Sorry that’s the only word that comes to mind. Just plain repulsive.
    Totally agree with you: leggings are not pants. Unfortunately 3/4 of women in Montreal did not get the message.

  • R.S.

    I am very confused. Doesn’t sending out a press release defeat the purpose of one’s blog (i.e. a platform that gains influence through word-of-mouth)? It tells people that it’s nowhere near good enough to get attention on its own (refraining from comment on the pictures, trying to be polite)

  • R.S.

    Spent a good 20 minutes scrolling. Absolutely horrified at what those poor designer clothes were subject to.
    Also, while aiming to teach women to “look like a big bucks fashionista without breaking the bank” there is never anything when you click on the “Similar looks” tab below the photos (what a shame, note my sarcasm). This blog fails on every level.

  • Anonymous

    Why are you so catty? Looking at your blog you literally feed off of bullying and verbally abusing other people you think are below you because they (in your opinion) lack fashion sense. There’s a big difference between criticism and outright bullying. You’re a grown woman. While most of us left school having matured.. seems you’re stuck there because you still constantly judge and sneer at others. Be kind. You never know how much hateful comments like yours can ruin your victims confidence and happiness

  • Mattea

    This post had me in stitches! I give it 10/10 for ridiculousness!

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Yes, it is a blog about fashion and opinion. If you don’t like mine, then don’t read it. And yes, I do judge people when they say leggings are pants and Ugg boots are ok. They aren’t. It’s bad taste, and it is offensive. This isn’t bullying, it is criticism, and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to read it.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    I know. It is scary.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    And the worst is that she hired a PR agency to promote her.

  • reader

    If you’re saying you wouldn’t trust a surgeon who enjoys expressing herself through fashion, then let me tell you I wouldn’t trust someone like you who uses false analogies to sustain her arguments and comes off as completely disrespectful. There’s literally nothing constructive in this post, just harmful opinions against a woman who needs to please no one but herself, especially not you. Embrace diversity, creativity, or at least respect it. Not everyone likes the same things.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    I would doubt someone’s professionalism if they came to work dressed like this, and they were a surgeon. You might be ok with it, but I am not. And I do not need to embrace someone else’s creativity if I think it sucks. I fully agree that not everyone likes the same things, but people are here to read my opinion. And in this case, I think this woman is NOT in the position to be doling out style tips.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry but your blog is even worse than hers. Advising to make fake business cards to get in fashion shows? Just pathetic.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    This kind of arrogance usually comes from a know-it-all. Do share your excellent tips on sneaking into fashion week – I am dying to hear them, Anonymous.

  • Anonymous

    Ok you wanna hear the truth? Fashion shows are NOT for the wannabes to sneak in. Be somebody or don’t bring your lame ass with a fake business card.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    How are you going to learn the art of bullshitting and blagging (essential in the fashion world) if don’t put it to practice? I’d rather a fashion show have an audience that includes a bunch of fashion students who have snuck in because they really give a shit about it, over celebrities who are getting paid $50K to sit their ass in the seats. You don’t become somebody overnight, and I’ve yet to meet a successful person in the fashion industry who hasn’t snuck into a party or show once in the early years of their career. I’m feeling some serious bitterness coming from you. Did you not get an invitation to the fashion shows this season?

  • Anonymous

    LOL! Designers are NOT spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to show the collection to students who have no power to put their brands out there. Your comments show how much you DON’T know the industry. “I think this woman is NOT in the position to be doling out any tips”?? The same can be said about you. No one thinks your blog is legitimate when you advise to make a fake business card to sneak into a fashion show. Looks like I won’t see you on the front row anytime soon. You’re no Bryanboy.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Yikes, I think you are the one who doesn’t know the industry. Students sneaking into shows is PART of the industry. I did it as a student, and my students do it. How else will they ever learn? And yes, designers are not putting on shows for them but to have 5 gate crashers in a crowd of 500 people isn’t hurting anyone, is it? Have you ever actually been to a real fashion show? Do you know what it is like? And yes, I am DEFINITELY NOT Bryan Boy, thank you for pointing that out, it is a compliment.

    However, you are right, you will most likely not see me in the front row of a show because I am not worthy of it. When I request show tickets I get second or third row. I’m not embarrassed about that, I am not a celebrity or a high profile editor or someone with a million followers, and I don’t deserve the front row of a major show. I’ve never pretended that I do.

    As for your observation that “no one thinks your blog is legitimate”, I would say the tens of thousands of monthly visitors, the people who write to me for advice, and the advertisers who trust that I am going to deliver them traffic are all indicators that some people think my blog is legitimate. Sorry to say, but comments from an anonymous person who sounds bitter and may possibly have a personal dislike for me, don’t upset me. The numbers don’t lie. You sound silly and immature raging in my comments section, saying no one likes me. I’m so sad, boo hoo.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, you have no idea, I have been to tons of fashion shows and been in the industry for a long time. And just because a bunch of wannabe kids ask you some lame questions and you offer advises that are possibly illegal doesn’t make your blog legitimate, or at least you’re NOT respected in the industry. You’d rather include students over celebrities huh? Who do you think paying them, the designers. If students are better than celebrities, how come they are not paying students to come? LOL!

    A blogger who attacks other bloggers on her blog? You’re CLASSLESS, negative poor loser.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Actually, I am respected in the industry. Major retailers buy my brand and I certainly didn’t get there by being a “classless loser.”

    And while we are on the subject of losers, why don’t you reveal yourself? I have zero respect for someone who goes onto another person’s blog and insults them without having the courage to actually show who they are. You say you’ve been “to tons of fashion shows and been in the industry for a long time.” Prove it – who are you?

    As for insulting other bloggers, I try and keep my mouth shut about the ones I loathe, but when a blogger hires a PR to send me shitty press releases about their fashion tips, they are inviting themselves for criticism.

  • Anonymous

    Oh well, if you have to work at a bar while going to school that’s pretty much classless to me.

    And if you’re not “sad, boo hoo”, why do you care who I am and write such looong responses? I’m pretty sure it’s getting to you unlike you pretend, lol!

    If you openly disrespect another blogger in such disgusting manners even using her photos, then you are inviting yourself for my criticism too. So, deal with it.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    I am – and each time you click onto my page to add your two bits and your bitter criticism, I get more $$$. I suppose that’s a more classy way to make money, than working at a bar?

  • Anonymous

    Yep, work your way up so one day you can stop complaining about rich kids in fashion industry, hmm, maybe?

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    I’ll never stop doing that – it’s too much fun ;-)

  • Joelle

    You are a snobby asshole if you think that working at a bar is classless. How did you get through school? Did your parents pay for you? They could probably afford it because you probably went to some shitty community college. Anyone who looks down on people who need to work their way through school is a fucking cunt, plain and simple.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Normally I don’t condone this type of language on my blog but I’m inclined to let this slide as I kind of agree… Thanks, Joelle.

  • Ona_in_Barcelona

    Darling, ‘classless’ is looking down on people who work for a living.